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Oxfam present a new range of dates for Ramadan

Posted: 20.07.12

The humble date has long been the fruit of choice to break fasts during the holy month of Ramadan, all over the world. Nutriously speaking dates are packed with the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for general well-being so are an excellent choice for snacking on, and to recover from a fast.
To mark Ramadan 2012, charity Oxfam have joined up with MADE (Muslim Agency for Development and Enterprise) to encourage fasters to buy ethically-sourced dates when they do their iftar shopping.
The store are selling dates by Zaytoun who source Palestinian dateson a fair trade basis, to help the countries rural economy. Manal Ramadan, Director of Zaytoun said: 'We are asking consumers to think about the farmers who grow the dates that they eat to break their fast.'

Supporting fair trade in Palestine helps farmers keep their land, as land that is not used for three years or more can be confiscated by the government of Israel. Fair trade provides a market alternative, as farmers face a domestic market, which has been flooded with cheap imports making agricultural viability difficult. Fee Gilfeather, Head of Marketing for Trading at Oxfam said: 'It is crucial that we give a fair deal to farmers in developing countries on whom we rely for our everyday products. By buying Zaytoun fair trade dates from Oxfam shops this Ramadan; you will get a good quality date and show your support for the Palestinian farmers that grew them'. 

The health benefits of eating dates:
    •    Dates contain dietary fibre so are excellent for the digestive system
    •    They are easily digestible and contain simple sugars like frutcose and dextrose, making them packed with energy
    •    High levels of vitamin A means they are an excellet antioxident and good for your eyes
    •    They are a good source of iron, needed for making healthy blood cells

Zaytoun dates are available from Oxfam stores around the UK. To find your nearest store visit: www.oxfam.org.uk/shop.

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