Confident Kiss

Imagine true love’s first kiss cut short by bad breath! Brackenwood Dental is here to make sure yours is one that lingers forever…

Posted: 06.03.12

It’s the act that seals the start of a lifetime of passion. Your lips are pursed because you’re being coy, not because you’re hiding a crooked set of teeth, we hope. You’ve been to a cosmetic dentist to make your teeth look perfect, have been brushing and flossing regularly, and visited a hygienist for regular professional cleaning to keep plaque levels under control. And you’ve eliminated things like coffee and cigarettes (there’s few things less passionate than having to come up for breath during a clinch and generally sounding like you’re having a bronchial attack). If you haven’t done these things, why not? But even so, there are certain factors that might get in the way of a perfect kiss, so take these following precautions and pucker up…

Fresh breath
Problem: Traditionally, couples avoid curry on a first date in case the overpowering smells hinder the possible first kiss, but this is an Asian wedding we’re talking about. What to do?
Remedy: Ask your caterer to add extra parsley to your dishes – it neuralises the pungent curry after taste beautifully. Keep it sweet by following your meal by munching on a handful of mukhwas – a traditional mouth freshner made from fennel, anise, coconut and sesame seeds with aromatic oils. And carry a bottle of mouthwash and mints.
Product: Sarakan Mouthwash contains natural extract of Salvadora persica, renowned for its powerful antiseptic and beneficial properties. It helps fight plaque and tartar to maintain a healthy mouth with fresh breath.

Sparkling white
Problem: A flash of yellow gnashers isn’t the best invitation for a smooch, but recent excesses have left their mark.
Remedy: If you’re a smoker, stub out the cigarettes to reduce the yellowish stains caused by nicotine and tar. Other stain inducing products which you should refrain from are tea, coffee, red wine and dark berries.
Product: Invest in a good whitening gel, or better still, ask your cosmetic dentist about Deluxe Air Abrasion, which gently sprays away decay using a stream of fine particles

Keeping clean
Problem: Food stuck between your teeth will look unappealing and will attract germs leading to toothache.
Remedy: Aim to clean all your mouth, not just your teeth. Brush your gums, remove excess food with floss and pay attention to your tongue. Add it top of your things to do in your bathroom routine during the ‘slipping into something more comfortable’ routine on your first night!
Product: Oral B tongue freshener will remove trapped food, odour and plaque caught in the tiny hair-like fibers on your tongue keeping your entire mouth healthy.

Biting issue
Problem: Nibbling of the neck is the most tender way to move from kissing to lovemaking. Except, ouch!
Remedy: Get your teeth fixed, shaped and sparkling with radiance long in advance of your wedding night.
Product: Book a consultation with a cosmetic dentist to assess the damage to your teeth and get the right solution to leave you with a smile no one could resist kissing!

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