Heaven For Heads

Could this be the most soothing and pampering facial in the world?

Posted: 20.11.13

The clue is in the name. When a treatment is called Head In Heaven, you know you're in for a treat...
Devised by Made For Life/Speizia, a range of organic beauty products made in Cornwall, Speizia spa treatments combine natural products to create beauty experiences that soothe and satisfy. Until now, their signature pampering sessions have mainly been available in the South West but thankfully Browns Hotel in Mayfair have brought their special secrets to London, making it easy and accessible to get immersed in a world of relaxation.

The journey begins with a cooling foot wash before you are enveloped in 75 minutes of pure rejuvenation. The signature Head In Heaven is part head and shoulder massage and part facial, but not the sort in which your muscles are tugged around, and your skin soaked in water. Head In Heaven was originally created to for cancer patients to help them relax and with that in mind, the focus is on gentle, feather-like strokes. The benefits of such soft techniques is that the calming effects are immediate. 

As you drift away into a hypnotic state of relaxation with a combination of deep breathing exercises and slow Tui Na Chinese massage techniques your whole upper body will feel rebalanced. The treatment includes facial pressure point massages to ease tension and clear the mind while slow rhythmic massage techniques used on the shoulders, back and head provide complete tranquility. Some of the touches are so light that although you don't feel them physically, you do sense their inner results. 

In terms of the products used, there are no nasties in any of them, making it an ideal choice for sensitive skin and anyone prone to allergies. During the facial, therapists apply a light Rose & Chamomile Gentle Facial Scrub to buff the skin followed by a light floral toner, completed with a moisturiser best suited to your skin type while a soothing oil is applied to the head and gently massaged into your scalp. 

Floating, inner calmness and a 'dreamlike state' are just some of the sensations you will feel at the end of your treatment. 

Ideal for men and women you are recovering from illnesses, women who are pregnant and anyone who is so stressed they can no longer function these treatments are the perfect antidote. With 100% focus on eradicating tension and making you feel like the most important person in the world, the experience with linger with you, long after you return to the outside world.

The Speizia Head In Heaven treatment at Browns Hotel costs £105 for 75 minutes. Other treatments are available as are a full range of products. 

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