I’m Having A Baby! Part 2

Pregnancy blogger San goes for her 12-week scan

Posted: 17.12.12

My 1st Scan

The 12-week scan is really important as it accurately dates your pregnancy and works out when you’re likely to be due. You also get to see your baby for the first time. This includes its heartbeat, head, limbs and some organs. Most importantly, you’ll find out if there are any irregularities you should be aware of.

You get a choice of whether to have a normal screening or a combined screening. A normal screening will show you the above; however the combined screening can help detect whether your baby is at a low or high risk of Downs Syndrome. This isn’t 100% accurate but the procedure is usually performed by measuring the fluid at the back of the baby’s neck and the mother will need to take a specific blood test. The results are then posted out two weeks later – sometimes sooner depending on what they find. My husband and I opted for the combined screening.

On the day of the scan we were experiencing a mixture of emotions. Sometimes we felt nervous, excited and happy but occasionally scared of any irregularities that could show up. We had a 30 minute wait before our turn came. Once in the room, the sonographer asked me to lie down on the bed whilst she smothered the gel over my lower belly. She immediately started to work on the measurements, looking over the limbs, the brain and the fluid at the back of the neck. We noticed that our baby was jumping around, kicking its legs and waving its arm at us. Overcome with emotion, I started to smile and kept asking the sonographer if this was normal. She said yes, the baby seems excited and that’s perfectly fine. After a few seconds, a thought occurred to me; I turned to my husband and said ‘it’s going to be a boy, isn’t it?’

Two weeks later we received the test results and I was assessed as low risk of having a Downs Syndrome baby. We don’t find out the sex until the 20 week scan which is soon after New Year’s Day. This is because as the baby grows, the organs will have developed enough so that a scan can detect the sex of the baby. Perhaps I might be wrong – it might turn out to be a girl instead! My hubby and I don’t have any particular preference, we just want a healthy baby, but we’ll have to wait until the new year to find out!

San F

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