I'm Having Baby! Part 5

Pregnancy blogger San has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes

Posted: 15.03.13

I’m now in my final trimester with only a couple of months to go before my baby is due. I recently had a glucose test done at the hospital. The test involves fasting for a few hours and downing a bottle of Lucozade. Blood samples are taken before and after to detect how your body responds to the glucose level. My test showed that my blood sugar was high two hours after the test. This is because the baby is counteracting my insulin production, which is considered dangerous at this stage of the pregnancy.

The following week I was called to the Centre of Feotal Care to visit a consultant, nurse, midwife and dietician. The consultant confirmed I have Gestational Diabetes, a type of diabetes that affects women during pregnancy. Normally our body controls the glucose level by developing the hormone called insulin; however sometimes during pregnancy the body cannot produce enough insulin to transport it all into the cells. This means that the level of glucose in the blood rises which can cause a number of problems such as placental abruption, induced labour, premature birth, trauma during birth, neonatal hypoglycaemia and the chance that you and your baby can develop diabetes later on in life.

As you can imagine, my husband and I were worried once I was diagnosed with this condition. I’ve already experienced an unhappy pregnancy so far and now I have another thing to add to the list.

I have been given a diabetes testing kit to monitor my blood sugar levels throughout the day and been prescribed some medication (oral tablets) to take, as a healthy diet and exercise has had no effect. Each week I must visit the consultant, midwife and nurse to be monitored regularly. I may also need to have insulin injections over the next couple of months which I’m terrified of as I hate needles and I have a number of scans booked to check the growth and development of the baby.

This is not how I wanted to spend my final trimester – worrying and taking medication. I want to enjoy these last couple of months I have left, but this will no longer be the case. I was hoping to have a water birth, but have been told that this is now unlikely due to any treatment I might need during labour hence it will have to be a normal birth.

I don’t seem to have any control over what happens next, all I can do is hope and pray my baby is born safe and healthy.

San F 

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