I'm Having A Baby! Part 8

Pregancy blogger San experienced the birth from hell but lives to tell the tale...

Posted: 26.07.13

It’s been 10 weeks since I gave birth – an experience I will never forget. Despite doing my research and hearing other people's stories, nothing really prepares you for that final moment.

I went into hospital to be induced early, due to my gestational diabetes; little did I realise that I would end up trying to give birth naturally, try a ventouse (a vacuum device used to help deliver the baby) and finally end up having a caesarean section. As you can imagine trying to give birth three different ways took its toll on me, my baby and my husband who had to witness it all but was helpless to do anything.

Soon afterwards I contracted two infections because my immunity was so low and it took two weeks in hospital to recover before I could go home, but by that time my husband’s leave had ended so we didn’t get to spend much family time together. All in all on top of a bad pregnancy, my birthing experience was awful.

Various people have already suggested I will probably ‘want’ or ‘should’ have a second child however I am constantly reminded of my experience and wish they would stop hassling me.

Although I was at home, I hadn’t fully recovered from my infections. I had very low iron due to the blood loss during birth – this made me dizzy and I constantly felt off balance. On top of this I ended up with high blood pressure.

I’ve now made a good recovery; however, as I keep being reminded by my GP, it will take time to get back to normal. The uterus takes a while to shrink back down to its normal size so I’m hoping I will make a full recovery in a few months.

For any first time pregnant women who are due soon, I would suggest you make it very clear in your birth plan what type of ‘birth’ you would prefer i.e. first and second choice. People were advising me what they thought was the best solution for me and my baby during the birth – each person had a different opinion but I wish I had been more direct in what I wanted - I wish I knew then what I know now.

Despite all this, we’ve ended up with a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Radha. She is lovely and healthy and is developing a personality already.
Being a mother is hard work and I still have a lot to learn but I look forward to the future.

San F

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