I'm Having A Baby! Part 7

Our pregnancy blogger San is two weeks away from motherhood. In this installment she gets to grips with ante-natal classes

Posted: 19.04.13

I’ve been really busy lately completing beauty and make-up courses, moving into a new apartment, and fitting in antenatal classes. These classes are usually offered via the hospital you’ll be giving birth in or your local health centre. They are free and are very useful to attend. During my 12th week, I attended an introductory session that covered a general overview of having a healthy pregnancy. It looked at pelvic floor muscle exercises, dietary advice, the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy and relaxation techniques.

The next two sessions will cover birth preparation and breast feeding. These sessions need to be booked once you turn 24-25 weeks due to demand, and are usually scheduled between 30-37 weeks. They address coping with labour, keeping active, positions for labour and birth, and how to breast feed. If you feel these aren’t sufficient enough, research antenatal classes in your area, as my hubby and I have. A great place to look is on the NCT website at www.nct.org.uk or www.mumsnet.com.

Some of the classes are women only so you may want to find classes that allow your partner to come along, as your partner will want to feel included and part of the process to. The classes are great for information about pregnancy, but they’re also good for meeting other prospective new mums and dads. Some of the other women may be second, third and fourth time mums, and it’s interesting to hear about their experiences as no pregnancy is the same.

Before I got diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I was making plans to attend pregnancy exercise classes to keep fit. The sickness restricted what I was capable of doing, so my plans were thwarted as I had wanted to attend yoga and pilates classes which are supposed to be great for improving quality of sleep, reducing anxiety, strengthening joints and muscles and improve blood circulation. If you’re healthy enough to exercise and want to learn about pregnancy fitness classes, try searching the NCT website, local fitness studios, leisure centres, gyms, private trainers and your local town hall.
Make sure you consult your GP or midwife before committing to any sort of exercise.

The biggest news I need to tell you about is that my due date has been moved forward because of my diabetes, so I’m due in a couple of weeks’ time!
My next blog will be after my baby is born, so in the meantime wish me luck! 

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