Majestic Malacca

This amazing Malaysian spa will make you feel like a princess

Posted: 06.03.12

This majestic hotel is very different to the beach resorts of Tembok Bali and Tanjong Jara, but definitely has it’s own charm. Sitting on the banks of the Malacca River this hotel dates back to the 1800s, and retains much of its original character. 

Malacca is the only place in the world to base its therapies on the Baba-Nyonya culture, also known as Peranakan – a unique combination of Chinese and Malay influences. Unmissable treatments include the Bird’s Nest Facial with Tapioca. Considered the ‘caviar of the East’, bird’s nest is the dried saliva of a species of swifts found only in the coastal caves of South East Asia. It may sound strange, but our ancestors obviously know something we don't, because it left my dry skin feeling totally replenished.


The therapists here are full of knowledge and unique beauty tips that are slightly weird but surprisingly effective. Take the Egg Rolling therapy – a massage involving hardboiled eggs packed in a muslin bag. It really works!

Luscious, thick and shiny hair is celebrated as a sign of vitality and beauty, so the Perankans have a rich culture of hair treatments. The hair rituals I tried were a total treat for my tresses and the therapists were more than happy to reveal their secrets. They tell me to massage coconut oil onto the scalp to relieve mild headaches and yogurt mixed with lime juice to unclog pores and add shine to lacklustre locks. Easy to do at home!

• A deluxe king room costs from £152 per night.

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