Moroccon Magic In London

Thought The Gherkin was only about the views?

Posted: 08.09.15

This summer, London's iconic Gherkin hosted a pop-up restaurant offering outstanding views across the capital and allowing visitors to feel transported to lands afar. Searcys Restaurant which is located on the 39th floor, all year round, expanded to the 40th floor for the first time, with a special Morocccan Sky Riad. Designed to look like an authentic Moroccan Riad it served up a tempting array of delicious drinks and delights. Being inside the Gherkin is impressive enough, but the Riad made it all the more spectacular - by day the sunshine streamed in, as it does in real open air Riads while at night, traditional music and entertainment set the scene for a starry and special night. But fear not if you missed out, Searcys next pop up is a seasonal Christmas Snow Globe for the month of December. Open to the general public for Afternoon Tea, festive lunch, dinner and an exclusive New Year's Eve package it will be taste of Lapland in London, only much more chic! 

Expect spiced tea & warming treats at Searcys Christmas Snowglobe this December

To get you in the mood, for what to expect, here's what happened at Searcys Moroccan Sky Riad...


The top floor experience was designed by Fantastique London who created the ambience and character of traditional Marrakesh nightlife, souks and bazaars. Design touches included jewel coloured finishes and rich purple satins set against simple and sophisticated hessian and distressed wood, fused together to totally encapsulate the essence of Morocco. A number of seating options were available including Sultan Beds for four to eight people as well as smaller Booths.


The beautifully crafted menu was created by Head Mixologist Federico Geniale, offering a wide selection of refreshing, herb and spice inspired cocktails, wines and teas. Each cocktail drew upon the regions’ flavours to encapsulate its celebrated traditions with ingredients such as saffron and muscovite sugars. Touching on these traditions were a fine selection of teas infused with classic herbs, such as wild thyme and oregano, used in traditional Za’atar tea.


The majestic menu was the work of Chef Matt Edmonds, based on his experiences of traditional Moroccan dishes from his recent honeymoon in Essaouira. There was also a five course tasting experience, the ‘Art of Spice’  served at Level 39 restaurant, each dish complemented customary mezze style cuisine with plates such as Lamb Cannon, the best cut of lamb, lightly drizzled in a 40-hour soaked Moroccan marinade. Other offerings include a Moroccan take on Afternoon Tea and small bar dishes such as handmade falafel and harissa chicken.

As for what to expect for there winter wonderland, the menu is still under wraps but you can be sure that the experience will be out of this world so book early before word gets out!

Visit Searcys on the 39th floor of The Gherkin or call 0207 071 5025

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