New Mum Part 2

Stay at home or back to work, what’s the best option, considers our blogger San

Posted: 30.09.13

Since we’ve had Radha, my husband and I are often approached by strangers who like to pay compliments and share stories and experiences of their children. They usually ask about her age, whether she’s a well behaved baby and so on, but one question that is often raised is whether I’ll go back to work or stay at home with her?

Before I had Radha, my husband and I were making plans to have a baby in our mid-thirties so that we could establish a career first and buy a place. I was adamant that once I had a baby, I would want to go back to work when the baby turned 6-9 months.

Now I can’t bring myself to leave her. I look at how she develops each day and how much she’s learning from spending time with me. I love being with her and watching her grow – it’s an amazing feeling when she smiles at me, responds to me, shows me affection and does something new.

I’ve spoken to many mums recently who are looking for a nursery for their child and are planning to return to work, and I’ve also spoken to mums who have been looking after their child full-time and have no intention to return to work until the child is between ages 2-5 or at all.

There has been a varied reaction to ‘what’s the next step’ after the baby is born. Should I go back to work? Should I work from home? Should it be part-time or full-time? Should I put my child into nursery or day care?

All I know is that I want to be with my child so I can help her with her development and nurture her the best way possible, so I’ve decided not to go back to work - yet. If there was an opportunity to work from home, this would suit me best so that I could keep caring for her whilst earning and developing a career. I wouldn’t put her into a nursery just yet. I would hate it if a stranger told me that she crawled for the first time or said her first word. I wouldn’t want to see this second-hand. Also child care is very costly so that would be something to consider.

Overall, some mothers prefer to stay at home with their child because it’s best for them and their baby and some prefer to return to their careers as it’s great to have a social and professional life away from home. At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong answer, it depends on the individual and their circumstances.
San F

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