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Say goodbye to embarrassing perspiration with a simple non-surgical procedure

Posted: 16.05.16

When was the last time you felt conscious about feeling wet or sticky after a workout at the gym? It goes with the territory that you’ll have a glow after exerting your body but what would it be like to constantly be sweating; even when you’re not doing any physical activity? Excessive Sweating is a common condition that makes sufferers feel embarrassed, ashamed and unhappy. For the majority, it’s an acute condition that comes on only when they are feeling stressed or anxious – times when they may face important meetings, work deadlines, or when they feel conscious in front of others.
Excessive Sweating, medically known as axillary hyperhidrosis is caused by the body’s inability to regulate temperature and over activity caused by eccrine glands. It’s an issue faced by many men in particular, and therefore grooms, who have to shake a lot of congratulatory hands on their Big Day, is something they shy away from as they are embarrassed about their wet palms. But Excessive Sweating doesn’t just affect palms, it can originate from glands all over your body, leading to overly sweaty armpits and soles of your feet.

Thankfully though, it isn’t a problem you need to live with. A simple application of injections by a trained nurse or surgeon is all it takes to put this issue behind you, helping you have a normal life where the fear of sweating doesn’t even come into the equation. Cedars Dermatology are experts in treating Excessive Sweating and offer a quick, safe, affordable treatment that can be fit into a lunch break, well ahead of your Big Day. The procedure is carried out by Dr Nisith Sheth (pictured) who believes no man should feel embarrassed about perspiration. He explains: ‘Injections of Botulinum Toxin can block the nerves that supply these glands, restricting their activity and significantly reducing sweat production.’ Appointments take approximately 45 minutes and benefits can last for up to nine months. Don’t worry if you have a fear of needles either, your skin is numbed before the area is treated. Tiny needles then prick just beneath the skin’s surface and there is no need to schedule in recovery time, you can get on with your life as normal straight away. With a 70-100% reduction in excess sweating, you can be confident that you no longer need to feel embarrassed about your sweat. Treatments are suitable for men and women and it’s advisable to have them done a month before your Big Day.

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