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How coconut can enhance your cuisine

Posted: 25.03.13

Coconut. Hmmmmmmmm!
It looks yummy, smells divine and is delicious when wrapped in chocolate and blended into barfi. But thankfully the white stuff isn’t just something that can be used in dessert!

Coconut oil is packed with health benefits and is a great alternative to cooking with other oils. Made from the dried kernel inside the coconut, the oil used to get bad press for being a 'fat' when in fact researchers have proved it is in fact a healthy saturated fat, due to its naturalness. Benefits include strengthening the immune system, fighting infection, boosting energy levels and increasing the metabolism. 

The oil itself can be used to cook all your usual recipes from curries to canapes and is a great alternative to butter and oil. It's long been used for cooking across Asia, The Pacific, Africa and Central American - it's now time we Brits followed suit. 

Sebastian Pole, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Co-Founder of Pukka Herbs, is a huge fan of it. He explains: ‘Coconut is highly nutritious, rich in vitamins (such as Vitamin C, Riboflavin and Thiamine) and minerals (such as calcium, iron and phosphorus). It also contains high levels of a fatty acid called lauric acid, known to help boost immunity.’

Give it a go by trying a jar of Pukka Herbs Virgin Organic Coconut Oil.
Simply add a spoon to your dishes and bring a tropical touch to your kitchen.

Try these ideas:
1. Add a spoon to your porridge
2. Use in stir fries
3. Sauté vegetables
4. Substitute in recipes that require butter
5. Add while cooking fish
6. Use to make curries
7. Mix it into your smoothie
8. Add some to your soup
9. Add a dash to your salad
10. Use to caramelise apples and other fruits

Pukka Herbs Coconut Oil (£7.95) is available from 

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