REAL LIFE: My husband left me because I got fat

How divorce helped Aliyah Hussain lose weight

Posted: 28.03.13

I have always had problems with my weight but when I was six months pregnant with my third child my husband walked out on me and our two children and that's when I knew that I had to do something about it.

I haven’t always been slim but when I look back to when we met I had a size 10 figure. I first encountered him at a mela, he seemed really nice and was very persistent to get my number but I enjoyed playing hard to get, as I was not that interested in him at the time. Eventually he got my number and we started dating and then we got married!

He was tall and slim just as I was. Then over time we both started to gain a bit of weight; me more than him. His weight gain didn’t ever get to me so I never understand why he was so affected by mine. Things started to change when I was pregnant with our second child. At the time my husband was a taxi driver and he would often come home late and force me to eat with him, using the excuse that the baby needed food.

I wasn’t hungry but I felt pressured into eating. After that I started eating anything and everything. I hate wasting food and would eat my children’s leftover and anything that was in my sight. My husband also had a big appetite and it didn’t help.
I knew that I was putting on weight, my clothes were no longer fitting as I had become a size 24 but I didn’t care. I had a comfortable life; a husband, a child and another one on the way.

Two years after my second child was born I was having a lot of fertility problems and that’s when cracks in the relationship started to appear. There was no intimacy in our relationship especially not in the bedroom but then I fell pregnant with my third child - yet it was too late.

After 10 years of marriage and while I was six months pregnant he left me…for someone slimmer, and younger.

Since then I’ve moved on and today I’m happy he left me because from everything bad, there’s always something good to come out of it.
Initially I turned to the internet for advice. I posted on my Facebook page that I needed help to lose weight and after that I felt motivated to make a change.

I got a job and then when my youngest was old enough to go to nursery I joined a gym. I now go to the gym five days a week and do classes such as zumba and boxercise. I have a calorie controlled diet which allows the odd treat but I am careful and do exercise to balance it out.

Six years since it all began, I am back to my old self again – I am a healthy size 8 and have three loving kids.
I am enjoying my life with them and it’s because of them I love to stay fit and exercise, just so that I can have a longer life with them.

Interview by Navpreet Grewal

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