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Posted: 27.04.15

Whether you’re a housewife, a mum of two, or have a hectic work schedule – all manner of lifestyles can get stressful nowadays. So when I caught wind of this ingenious treatment of Reflexology to ease everyday stresses of life, I simply had to try it out. Reflexology is a holistic therapy that focuses around particular reflex areas in the feet which are believed to be connected to specific organs and parts of the body. It doesn’t claim to cure you of anything, but encourages your body to maintain a healthy natural balance and targets particular areas of concern including digestion, skincare, fertility/preconception difficulties, stress and lack of sleep, amongst a whole host of other issues – all you need to do is divulge your worries to your therapist and let them work their expert magic.

Discreetly tucked away in busy Moorgate, I arrived at the Light Centre, making all things health and wellbeing related very cool and hip, with its organic café selling the yummiest meals and smoothies, and boasting 40 resident therapists, specialising in various wellbeing remedies. There I was met by the lovely Calm and Clear therapist Rima, who is a part of the Association of Reflexology and is well experienced in this field.

I must admit, I didn’t know an awful lot about the treatment and didn’t quite know what to expect – all I knew was that I had experienced a hectic few weeks and could do with some de-stressing, which is what the treatment aimed to do! I filled in a detailed medical questionnaire, which Rima then discussed, as well as finding out which areas of my body or my wellbeing I was most concerned about. Rima’s expertise was evident, as she guided me through the whole process and helpfully answered my questions. She explained that reflexology is becoming more common and popular with young professionals dealing with stress, who don’t feel comfortable getting massages, as they find reflexology relaxes them without having to get undressed.

Whilst laying down with my eyes closed, my feet were washed, followed by an application of an oily balm which was massaged all over my feet. At first, the tingly sensation of someone applying pressure on certain points of my foot felt like an alien one, but before I knew it, I had unwound and felt totally relaxed. In fact, by the time Rima had started on my other foot, I was lulled into the most blissful sleep I had had in ages – which was amazing considering I had explained to her that my focus point was to sleep better.

When I arose from my unexpected slumber, I was delighted that my tense shoulders and neck felt a lot looser and less painful, which Rima told me she could sense whilst working on particular pressure points related to that area. Wow Rima, you’re no less than a wizard at your craft! I will definitely be booking in more sessions when those manic moments start getting the better of me again and I recommend you do the same – whatever aches and pains you’re feeling, see a therapist and let them work their wonders.

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Fariha Sabir 

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