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Posted: 07.03.12

Q: I’ve always had fairly good skin but recently I have been breaking out in spots. I have stopped eating fried food and chocolate but it has made no difference.

A: There are many factors that influence acne, but it is possible that your skin is getting worse due to stress. Our skins produce an oily substance called sebum.
It has been shown that spots occur when our skin pores become blocked with dead skin cells and especially sebum. During times of stress, we produce certain hormones which increase the production of sebum and hence more spots. It is important to start treatment early as this will minimise outbreaks and reduce the risk of scarring. A preparation containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide will be useful in cases of mild acne and can be bought over the counter. For faster results you can use a system called CLENZIderm™ which contains both ingredients but in a unique preparation which has been clinically proven to clear spots in as little as two weeks. If the spots persist, you may need to see your GP for stronger acne medication or to consider treatment with laser. It might also be worth changing your make up to a mineral range as this allows the skin to breathe, preventing congestion. A poor diet will not itself cause spots, but can lead to poor health overall which will make your skin worse. Therefore it is advisable to stick to your healthy diet. Most importantly take time to relax and enjoy yourself as this will reduce your stress and no doubt help improve your condition.

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