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Discount on Wellbeing Escapes workshop

Posted: 20.08.14

One of the secrets to a healthier and happier life is to stress less. It's not always easy. The pressures of every day life, work and family commitments can take their toll and sometimes it seems impossible to remember when you were last calm and relaxed. Solve the problem by embarking on a short course that could change your life. Wellness Escapes run a number of sessions aimed at making life better. On Saturday 30th August they are running a session called Stress Less: creating new habits for health and happiness. A three-hour interactive workshop led by performance coach Louise Tufnell you'll learn a range of techniques and insight into your own potential that will enhance your life and give you a greater sense of wellbeing and help you feel at ease in your life.
The workshop takes place 10am-1pm near London Bridge and costs £50. Find out more and book here
Asiana readers can save £10 on the Stress Less workshop using the code WORKSHOP15.

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