Super Shot
Boost your vitamins the easy way
Posted: 31.03.14

Hand up if you often find yourself fatigued without the motivation to get going? It could be that you’re not getting your daily vitamin needs, which is understandable in these fast-food, no-time, eating on the go times. If those scenarios sounds familiar to your own lifestyle, try a bottle of new 6vitaminshot energy drink (£2.50 for 60mls) one sip is guaranteed to give you a kick to help you have a head start your day.

Flavoured with succulent superfruit acai berry and sugar-free, it’s the kind of health shot you can easily incorporate into your normal eating and drinking habits. 6vitaminshot consists of a combination of vital vitamins and amino acids that improve you concentration, alertness and increase your performance. Ideal for fitness fans, consuming it an hour before your workout will ensure you’re in tip top form. And if you’re heading to the gym any time soon, the fact it tastes delicious is enough reason to try one!

Simi Gupta

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