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Why everyone should own a jar of Manuka Honey

Posted: 10.04.13

Nothing beats a warming mug of honey and lemon when you’re feeling a little under the weather, but did you know that the type of honey you use can really make a difference?
Manuka Honey originates in New Zealand and is regarded throughout the world as the best honey in existence, not because of its rich, flavoursome taste, but because it actually has proven health benefits. Mauka honey has antibacterial properties and Comvita UMF Manuka Honey in particular is one that you can really trust as recent research has shown it doesn’t just kill common bacteria’s, it can also overcome antibiotic-resistance, evident in hospital superbugs such as MRSA.
Their special MediHoney can be applied to topical wounds and skin care as a first aid treatment while their UMF Manuka Honey (£13.49 for 250g) is an edible honey which has proven digestive and immunity boosting properties.

10 ways to use Manuka Honey:

1. To heal a sore throat
2. To treat wounds
3. Add a small drop on burns
4. To help with digestive problems
5. Treat eye ad ear infections
6. For fungal conditions
7. To soothe acne
8. To soothe eczema and dry skin
9. Reduce dental pains
10. Add to hot drinks


By Navpreet Grewal 

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