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Start your New Year with a detoxing cuppa

Posted: 02.01.13

Over indulgence and excessive drinking…the festival season, as fun as it is, has its downsides. The build up of toxins and the extra pounds you’ve gained over Christmas can leave you feeling sluggish and bloated; not a great way to start the new year.
January is traditionally the time to detox your diet and kick-start a healthy regime. The good news is to look and feel better you don’t need to make drastic changes, simple steps like swapping caffeine for warming cups of herbal tea is the first step to getting back on the pre-party season track.
Regular tea contains high caffeine levels whereas herbal teas are low in calories and caffeine free. They do not contain tealeaves, but instead are a beverage made of steeping dried herbs in water and are a great choice to naturally cleanse the body of impurities. They can also be relaxing and help put a comforting end to the January blues.

And the best part is, not only do they provide a natural detox – they are available in so many flavours, there’s a taste and brand to suit everyone!
So pop on the kettle, leave the bag to brew for a few minutes, then sit back and sip on something a little bit different…

Dr Stuart’s herbal and ‘functional’ teas (£1.99) are packed full of active botanicals. All their teas are 100 percent natural with no additives, flavouring or colourings. Well known for their tea’s health-giving properties, each cup gives you a delicious, healthy refreshment. The functional range includes Slim Plus, Liver Detox and Skin Purify. (Stockists: Holland & Barrett, Waitrose & Asda)    

The Kromland Farm Organic Rooibos tea (£2.19) is quite simply sunshine in a cup direct from the colourful nation of South Africa. Rooibos (known as red bush) is a natural detox herb that helps to cleanse the body and blood. The herbal tea range comes in a variety of flavours, from vanilla to Earl Gray. Every cup is caffeine-free and contains less than half the tannin of ordinary tea. Tannin is what gives ordinary tea its bitter taste, making Rooibos far more delicious, plus it’s one of the few herbal teas you can add milk to. (Stockists: Goodness Direct, Planet Organic & Whole Foods)   

Higher Living Ginger Kick (£1.89) herbal tea does exactly what it says on the box. Generously gingery, this warming ginger infusion combines natural ginger with lemon peel which are key ingredients to detoxification, making the perfect winter drink. Higher Living also produce a full range of other tasty teas. (Stockists: Goodness Direct, Waitrose, Planet Organic & Asda)

by Amandeep Dokal


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