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Meet personal trainer Khadijah Safari

Posted: 08.04.13

My husband and I run a private gym.
He is a World Champion Master Muay Thai Kickboxer and I started off attending his classes. I got hooked in more ways than one! We set up Safari Kickboxing specialising in men and women only sessions and personal training.

Early starts are part my life.
On a usual day I’m up at 6am, have clients from 6.30am until 8.30am then gym sessions from 10am. After school I teach children from 4.30pm, at 5.30pm a teenagers groups, a ladies intermediate group at 6.30pm and then a beginners class at 8pm! After that I spend a couple of hours with my husband and our daughter and then it’s back to work in the morning.

My women-only sessions help all women stay in shape.
In particular I teach Muslim women about fitness, healthy living and self-defence. They are the most dedicated women I have ever seen training; they push harder, attend every lesson and they still want to do more!

It’s all about proving your worth to yourself.
To teach I had to get my black belt in Muay Thai first. To do this I had to train three hours a day for six days a week for a year and a half, it was worth every minute! People prefer personal trainers as they get faster more targeted results, my clients are mostly professionals – I see a lot of lawyers who need to de-stress, and doctors who eat sugary foods all day!

Every woman will enjoy self-defence. 

It’s an excellent form of fitness for weight loss – you can burn 1,000 calories a session, it’s stress busting and, of course, is essential knowledge for personal safety. Since learning, I have no fear! I also like using nunchucks – a favourite weapon used in martial arts. They provide a complete upper body workout – spinning one for a minute will leave you aching for days, but fit to face the world!

Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation 

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