After Kill Dil Success Ali Zafar Celebrates In Hometown

Pakistani actor rejoices with underprivileged children

Posted: 24.11.14
After Kill Dil Success Ali Zafar Celebrates In Hometown

Ali Zafar plays the lead role in recently released Kill Dil featuring a star studded cast including Ranveer Singh, Govinda and Parineeti Chopra. Following the movie's success so far, the Pakistani actor whom Bollywood have embraced and welcomed with open arms, paid a visit to his home town Sanjan Nagar in Pakistan. Wanting to honour his roots and make a difference to lives less fortunate than his, he held an exclusive screening of his film for 50 local students, whilst also confirming scholarships for the disadvantaged youth. This generous initiative will provide students with a golden opportunity to pursue their higher  education, with the star's ongoing support, enabling them to achieve valuable qualifications and grant them a brighter future. Keep up the great work Ali! Fariha Sabir

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