Black-Out Disables Capital City

350 million left without power in Northern India

Posted: 30.07.12
Black-Out Disables Capital City

One of the biggest power cuts in India's history brought Delhi and the surrounding region to a stand still yesterday when the northern grid failed leaving over 350 million people without power for over eight hours. Major disruption occured throughout the city affecting 300 train services and impacting on street lights, food production, offices and services.
Power cuts are common in India due to a 'shortage' of power, high demand and an ageing grid, this is despite the fact millions of people are still not connected to the grid. The system is also so 'weak' that power cuts can be set off by the smallest of interferences. On Saturday, a cat jumped onto the Delhi grid and left parts of east Delhi without electricity for 24 hours.
Those affected by yesterday's major power cut include the regions of the Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan states - an estimated 30% of the countries entire population. 
Experts say that India urgently needs to increase its power production - Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has long believed that nuclear power, which so far accounts for 3% of power prodcution is the answer, despite opposition from locals where proposals for future power stations are located.
Other methods to save energy have included restricting the usuage of air conditioning and closing shopping malls at 7pm.
Despite the shortage, India is still one of the lowest users of energy in the world. Last year they used 510kg of energy per person each compared to the average in the US which is 7,778kg per person.
80% of the power in the regions affected yesterday have been restored so far.

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