Teenage Entrepreneur Launches App

School girl’s solution for IT industry

Posted: 04.02.13
Teenage Entrepreneur Launches App

Managing an array of online accounts is no easy feat when you have lots of passwords to remember but things have just got easier thanks to a new app launched by a 14 year-old school girl. 

Nina Devani, is Founder and CEO of her own unique company called Devani Soft.
Their first product is an app that helps you remember all your passwords called Prompt Me Nina.

The enterprising student thought of the idea after her father Atul’s Facebook account was hacked into. She decided to create a multi-platform free mobile app that creates password prompts for every account you have without sharing any information with a third party.
The app also features a back up option in case the original device is ever lost,. Nina admits she has a head for ‘entrepreneurial negotiating’ and drew up a business plan that she pitched to businesses. She managed to secure £10,000 investment from Suleman Sacranie, founder of and partnered up with Creation Application, who assisted in making her vision a reality.
Currently available for Android, Nina is now hoping she’ll have the app ready for the iPhone in the next few months and is planning to come up with other solutions that will assist the IT industry. She’s already become a role model at school and her advice for other young entrepreneurs is: ‘jump into it and start - if you persevere then the road is clear and before you know it, you will be well on the path to success!’
To find out more about Nina’s app, visit


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