It's Staz From Times Red!

We sent The X Factor 'Wild Card' on a blind date with a woman, nearly twice his age! Well they do say, 'Age ain't nothing but a number'...

Posted: 01.03.12

Over the years we’ve tried our best to pair up singletons in search of love but cupid’s bow keeps missing and far too many of them have stayed ‘just good friends’. So this time we decided to do something a little different.
Not only have we paired up two gorgeous singletons, we’re putting the theory that ‘age ain’t nothing but a number,’ to the test.
Meet uber hottie Staz Nair, former winner of Asiana Bachelor and one third of boy band Times Red (currently The X Factor 'Wild Card' band) and TV Presenter Hiral Mei.
We sent the two up and coming stars on a date to Zippos Circus, for a day of candyfloss fun and high japes. But the question is, did love reach the dizzying heights scaled by trapeze artists, or did it all fall flat like a clown tripping over his oversized shoes?

My first impression of Staz was that he is beautiful and what gorgeous eyes! I didn’t notice the age difference, he was a real gentleman. He bought us a candyfloss to share and moulded it into a heart shape, I couldn’t stop smiling! But the surprise of the night was when Staz realised I’d recently celebrated my birthday sung Happy Birthday to me in front of the whole auditorium! I normally only date people I already know but Staz and I definitely had a connection. We went for a drink after the show, exchanged numbers and have been chit-chatting since. We’re both really busy people, so neither of us have time for a relationship, but I know we’ll be friends as we have so much in common, so let’s see what happens…

When it comes to girls I go for raw attraction, physically and mentally and Hiral had both! I’m used to dating older women but I was pleasantly surprised by Hiral, she was easy to get along with from the start as we had a lot in common. I was impressed by her dress sense during the date and afterwards. When we went for a drink, she slipped into some casual jeans and still looked hot! There was a really scary part of the performance involving three motorcyclists riding inside a ‘globe of death’, I told Hiral she could cling onto me if she got scared – she declined but at least I showed off my affectionate side! Being in the same industry helps in a relationship so Hiral was a perfect date. That’s all I’m going to give away!


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