Love In A Technological World

Our relationship blogger Priya Mulji delves into the realms of online and app dating…

Posted: 09.11.15

As a single, independent woman there is pretty much no other way of finding love than online and I think all of my single friends would agree. Yes there are a number of speed dating events and introductions through friends and family but the fact is that most people will turn to dating websites and apps such as Tinder and the newest app on the block Happn. I myself use these apps on a regular basis because let’s face it, when you work in a busy environment and really only socialise with an immediate circle of people it is quite hard to meet new people. At 33, my parents have pretty much given up on the whole introductions thing and the chances are I know all of my friends and their friends. Many people think that online dating is just full of people who want a one-night stand and yes, some do, but there are so many people who are genuinely looking for real love and I know many people who have had met their life partners through online dating, one couple I know even met through Twitter.

So, if you’re new to online dating or using these apps here are some tips for you...

1. Make sure you have a detailed profile and a fantastic profile picture. Have at least 3 great pictures. One of you smiling, one full length and one of you doing something fun and which are true reflections of yourself. Personally I have a pic of me playing the bongo’s on holiday, one of me casually smiling at dinner and one at a festival – and those are great reflections of my personality and I love those pictures myself.

2. Be real in your profile, if you’re a guy that is 5’5 then say that, don’t pretend to be something you’re not because it is all about managing expectations. Show your fun side, say what your likes and dislikes are and what you are looking for i.e to just date, make friends or a life partner. However don’t give too much away in your profile and make them want to contact you to find out more, be mysterious and intriguing.

3. Try different sites – where as a proper online dating site is great for someone who has time on their hands, apps are great for people on the move. Try a few different ones, I’d suggest Happn and Tinder for those on the move just like I am.

4. No typo’s! Enough said.

5. When you go on your date be safe, make sure someone knows exactly where you are going to be and choose a very public place. A casual afternoon coffee or a glass of wine after work is normally a good idea as then you get to see someone in their natural glory.

Main thing is to have fun with it, be real and possibly meet the love of your life. A secret for you is that I met someone who I wonderfully fell in love with through Tinder. At the time it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, things changed and we parted ways however I’ll never regret that; hence being a fan of this technological form of dating. I haven’t given up and neither should you.


Guest Blog By Priya Mulji
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