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We present to you the first guest blog by lifestyle blogger and Asian Media Awards nominee Priya Mulji...

Posted: 23.02.15

2014 left and January 2015 has passed just so fast. Hello, I’m Priya Mulji and I am’s brand new love blogger! I’m here to talk all matters love, dating and relationships! A little about me is that I’m single, 32, from West London (originally Nottingham) and have suffered my fair share of heart breaks. However, these heartbreaks are what has made me wise on the matters of the heart so of course I want to share these experiences with you.

As this is my first blog and it’s a new year I thought what better subject to talk about than Moving On. At some point in our lives, we’ve all suffered some kind of love-loss. It’s hard, I’ve been there myself many times. I haven’t had that many relationships but when I did, I fell hard. It’s normal - we all do, and especially as women who give our all, it’s hard when men break these relationships and you have to move on. Even more so when it is one-sided. So I’m here to give you some great tips for getting over a broken heart.

One of the most important things in your life is having good friends. I only have a handful of friends but they are the best and keep me in check. Your friends are the family you choose and without them you’ll be nowhere. Make sure you spend time with them, go out and do something fun or just cook dinner with your bestie. Snuggle and have girl’s movie nights, while ordering pizza and making homemade cocktails. If you need to cry, then cry with your friends, never cry alone, it isn’t good for your inner-psyche.

Pamper yourself, get your nails done, go get a new haircut or have a spa day. It will do wonders for your self-confidence and you will feel relaxed. Also, concentrating on your mind and body will rejuvenate you and men like a woman who feels confident. Even if you don’t feel good, if you look good – it’s half the battle won.

DO NOT get drunk and drunk text/call/tweet/facebook your ex. It will NOT achieve anything. A little secret is that even men nowadays are old school and love the chase. Your silence will speak volumes - more than you being in contact with him constantly. However, by the time he has realised what he is missing out on, you’ll have moved on and he will be left behind.

Try something new. Go climbing at an indoor climbing centre, try hot yoga or take up a new hobby. Join a gym and get that booty you’ve always wanted! Whatever you do to move on from a heartbreak it’s always going to be hard, so give it time. Love is a crazy, stupid thing which gives us highs and lows but whatever happens, life is always waiting for us and there are so many wonderful experiences waiting. So, know your worth, be the best version of yourself and go get the world… because love could be just around the corner.

Guest Blog By Priya Mulji

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