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Our pick of the best gifts to treat your lover to

Posted: 06.02.15

We’ve hunted high and low to find all you lovers the perfect Valentine's Day prezzies as it seems some of you get a bit panicky when it comes to buying the perfect gift. GoHen’s did a survey to find out what the worst presents bought for the romantic day was and trust us they were bad! Ranging from toilet seats to a ‘dustbin lid with my name etched into it’, it’s no wonder the nerves come out when trying to impress if people are thinking these are in any way acceptable… Stay away from the passion killer presents this year with a little help from the Asiana team. You can thank us later! 

Lets begin with some faultless gift ideas for the lady in your life.

Spice Box

Heat up your Valentine's this year with The Spice Kitchen’s Spice Box. The package contains eight jars of spices from all around the world, meaning you can get creative in the kitchen with the remarkable blends and conjure up some romantic recipes for two. Enjoy tantalizing his taste buds and indulging in fiery kisses over the dinner table on the 14th.

Available at The Spice Kitchen.

Chocolate Bouquet

You can’t go wrong with this tasty treat because we’re pretty sure every girl loves chocolate. The bouquet is filled with your classic favourite sweet delights and makes for a great alternative to sending flowers. Her eyes are guaranteed to light up with glee as she indulges in the milky goodness of this mega chocolate feast.

Available at Debenhams.

Mrs ‘Always’ Right Cushion

There’s no point arguing, she is always going to be right so you may as well give up now! Perfect for the lady of the house, this amusing décor is sure to put a smile on her face and simultaneously allow her to kick back and relax in style and comfort.

Available at The Gift Atelier. 

Lots Of Love Lush Box

This amorous parcel is filled with seven heavenly handmade products that each has a little valentine twist and is sure to take your skin to an absolute dreamland. In the lavish Lush box are two heart shaped bubble bars, which turn your bath water a luscious, passionate red and leave your skin honeyed and smelling exquisite. A shower gel that is rightly named Prince Charming because it will save you from all the stress in your life and whisk you off into a fruity smelling haven. Adding to the bundle is a massage bar and soap, both certain to leave your skin baby bum soft and take you to a world of utter sensual healing. Last but not least, completing the ultimately gorgeous relaxation package are two bathbombs, Love Locket and Sex Bomb, so you can enjoy some Valentine’s tub lovin’ this Saturday! 

Available at Lush.


Handbags and purses by mywalit

A girl can never have enough handbags, so if you’re stumped for ideas, a foolproof gift for any lass is of course a gorgeous bag. We appreciate it must be difficult for a man’s bewildered eye to find a bag that their particular darling will love, which is why mywalit harnesses the ideal collection of bags, as well as purses and gloves. If you are looking for something specifically focused around the theme of lurve and Valentines, they have designed an exclusive heart shaped purse, which is available in a spectrum of vibrant hues. Created all the way in fashionable Italy and made from real leather, mywalit’s high quality designs feature various styles as well as a selection of colours, all sumptuously sophisticated and fit for a lady. The love of your life will proudly flaunt the latest addition to her collection, knowing her sweetheart chose it for her. 

Available at mywalit.


Now for some perfect presents for the gents, don't think we forgot about you! 

Coffee Stencil

Enjoy a hot drink with a fun twist this Valentine’s with a Sophia Victoria Joy coffee stencil. The good thing about this little present is that it can be enjoyed over and over again. Full of character and originality, you and your partner can have fun adding a sweet, personalised touch to your hot chocolates, cappuccinos, coffees or lattes.

Available at Sophia Victoria Joy.

Grow Your Own Chilli Sauce

Some like it hot, others like it hotter… Get things heated this Valentine's with this unique kit. From seed to sauce, grow your own creation and get yours and your partners mouth steaming. The box contains two varieties of seeds that are all ready to plant, two varieties of dried chillies and recipes on how to make your own spicy handiwork. 

Available at The Gluttonous Gardener.

Full English Biscuit

Love and food definitely go hand in hand, which makes this present pretty faultless. Bring him breakfast in bed with a sweet twist this Valentine’s. The intricately iced, mouthwateringly tasty biscuits are an amusing way to mix things up.

Available at Eat My Cake London

Monopoly With Chocolate Pieces


Have a dreamy night in with your sweetheart were you are still able to navigate your way around London, but with the addition of a chocolately twist. Monopoly just got 10x more fun and the drive to triumph is on another level. The game will leave you both licking your lips in sweet delight… Yum!

Available at Harrods. 


Wallet by mywalit

Men tend to have the annoying tendency to carry around loose change and the all important credit cards in their pockets, so when you are walking around with your man, he often annoyingly sounds like a clinking, rattling piggy bank. Transform your other half into a refined gentleman this Valentine’s, by investing in a fine wallet that looks so good, he will actually want to store his money in it like a civilised human. Mywalit harbour the most sophisticated designs of wallets, all made from high quality leather all the way in the heart of style itself, Italy. What’s even more impressive is the RFID protection technology that is incorporated into the wallet, which helps protect credit and debit cards from fraud and electronic pickpocketing. Their contemporary collection featuring colourful or subtle designs, are all exquisitely luxurious and perfect to spoil your man.

Available at mywalit.

Zahra Suleman & Fariha Sabir

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