Would Simran Have Swiped Right?

If Tinder was around 20 years ago, would DDLJ's Raj and Simran have been a ‘match’?

Posted: 19.03.15

What if DDLJ’s (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenga) Simran had the luxury of ‘Tinder’ing’ and she came across this profile?

Raj, 22, London
Hi, I’m Raj. You must have heard of that name before? ;)
Eat, sleep, rave, repeat.

Would she swipe right, considering her own profile sounds a bit like this?

Simran, 21, London
I consider myself a huge romantic and I’m actively looking to find ‘the one’. I also like to read and love spending time with my family.

If she did swipe right and there was a match (as, let’s face it, we know he’d swipe right), I imagine Raj’s opening message to be something like: 'Hi sexy, I feel like I’ve seen you before? Ahh! At Robbie’s party, right?'

I have a feeling this would either go one of two ways – a cold, snappy reply from Simran, or an immediate ignore/block.

But what if Simran swiped left, based on just the Tinder information she had to go by and nothing else? Would our filmi star-crossed lovers ever meet again? Would their paths ever cross again? I for one highly doubt it – they just seemed like two very different people, who hung out in two very different circles. By swiping left, she’s potentially missing out on discovering those common interests that they do eventually realise they share, around love, romance, family and tradition – interests they discover when Raj decides to hold out his hand to heave her onto the moving train and the rest, well, we know it as good ol’ Bollywood history. But by swiping left, Simran isn’t giving herself the chance to get to know that other, sweeter side of Raj – the side that she comes to know and eventually, to love.

Being the unofficial (but undisputed) number one fan of the Hindi blockbuster and an even bigger unofficial and undisputed number one fan of Shah Rukh Khan (SRK), I often considered this when I was using Tinder – and more recently when I tried out Dil Mil – a new dating app, predominately for Asians, that’s somewhere between Tinder and Snapchat. What if I’m swiping away the potential love of my life just because something about his profile – his wonky smile, his cheesy one-liner under ‘a little bit about me’, or the fact that he’s currently 60km away from me – aren’t quite sitting well with me?

Ever since I first saw the film as a teeny eight year old, obsessed with those deep SRK dimples, I was convinced my ‘one’ would be like Raj (cheeky, but with a heart of gold – someone my mum would enjoy feeding idli sambar) and that my love story would pan out in a similar fashion. Now, 20 years on aged 28 and still single and still playing this game we call dating, do I feel any different? Has my romantic quotient changed at all? I can wholeheartedly say no, not at all.

I consider myself an old-fashioned romantic and I can completely blame or thank (depending on which way I choose to look at it) DDLJ for this. I listen to old Hindi love songs at my desk at work, I coo when I see couples holding hands on the street, I cry buckets every time I see Austen’s Persuasion or when I reached the end of David Nicholls’ One Day.

And so, I still feel there’s hope in finding ‘the one’. It’s predominately the reason why I’ve started to move away from dating sites – or at least started to change my tack. That if I swipe away or ignore every ‘Raj’ I see on there, or indeed in the physical world, then will the sappy romantic in me ever find him – my one?

I’m not saying dating sites are all bad. Some are actually quite good and rather thorough, working hard to help you find your potential partner. In fact, in today’s ‘real world’ they can be that catalyst in bringing together two ‘potentials’ who wouldn’t normally hang out under ‘normal’ circumstances. But it’s what we daters choose to do with the initial information we’re presented with that really determines whether we are successful in finding our dilwales or our dulhanias.

By Rema Chandran - A marketer, with a love for cricket, romance, bad-ass Bollywood, samosa chaat and men in capes.
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