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The beautiful city of Edinburgh makes for the perfect weekend escapade…

Posted: 04.06.15

I’d like to describe myself as a very active person. By balancing my studies, my job, blogging and being a Brownie Leader it came to the point that I had just had enough and needed a well deserved break. From this point forward, my friends and I spontaneously decided to plan our trip to Edinburgh. Although most friends would travel abroad and spend a week lying in the sun, the geeky side of us nourished and we decided that we wanted to return to London with having learnt something new. It was also a chance for us to explore a city that would be on the last of our minds to visit. Although, some may think that our visit to Edinburgh doesn’t sound interesting, it was actually one of the best trips that I’ve had - bearing in mind that I have visited many countries and global cities across the world.

Once we had settled in, we decided to start exploring the beautiful city of Edinburgh. We first started off visiting the National and Nelson’s Monument at Carlton Hill. Of course, when visiting historical sites, it is always beneficial to discover its history. As a result, I discovered that Nelson’s Monument was designed by Robert Burn to signify the death of Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson. As a result, the citizens of Edinburgh gather together at the Monument a month after the battle took place. It was also interesting to know that the Monument was at its completion until 1815 and, in 1852, a time bomb was added to the monument to inform ship captains to set their chronometers whenever the time ball dropped.


As the second day approached, my group and I made the decision to have an early start to ensure we could make the most out of the day. It was a cold yet sunny day for us to explore more of Edinburgh’s exciting attractions. We left our apartment at roughly 8am and headed down to Arthur’s seat, which was formed 350 million years ago. From a far distance, we saw a handful of people who had reached the top of the hill. As a result, we made it our aim to climb right to the top. Personally, I found climbing up a very rewarding experience.

It wouldn’t make sense to visit Edinburgh if we didn’t go to see Edinburgh Castle. Here I discovered that the Castle was the residence of many Scottish Monarchs such as Queen Margaret and Mary Queen of Scots. The Castle became a military base in the 1600s, and it’s currently known as Scotland’s leading tourist attraction.

I was fortunate enough to visit the famous Forth Rail and Road Bridge. As it became very cloudy, its visibility made it difficult to see. However, it was interesting to find out that the Forth Rail Bridge is known as one of the largest bridges in the world. Its construction began in 1882 and was completed in 1890.

Similarly, the Forth Road Bridge is also known as one of the world’s longest bridges. Its structure consists of 2.5 km long, and made out of 39,000 tonnes of steel. The Forth Road Bridge is a suspension bridge, which opened in 1964 and plays an important part in connecting the South East and North East of Scotland. An interesting fact is that, due to the amount of cars crossing the bridge, the cables have been losing 5% of its strength per year. Fortunately, a new bridge is under construction to reduce pressure on the existing bridge.

My favourite, in particular, was when visiting Loch Katrine. This was due to its beautiful scenery, which created a peaceful and tranquil environment. The most interesting fact about this Loch was that its water level had been artificially raised by 6km as it is a water reservoir for Glasgow. Additionally, it was interesting to know that Queen Victoria sailed up the Loch in 1869.

Visiting Edinburgh was definitely a great girl’s trip away. It was fun, at a reasonable cost and still within the United Kingdom where I was still able to contact my parents to say that I was okay - yes, at the age of 23, I still have to inform them that I am still alive. To sum my experience up simply, I fell in love with Edinburgh. Before I visited the place, it had heard a lot of praise from people who had already been there, and now I absolutely know why.

Simi Gupta

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