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Open Day at Talliston House and Gardens
See inside one of the UK's most intriguing private houses
Open Day at Talliston House and Gardens

Regarded as one of Britain's most extraordinary homes, Talliston House & Gardens is one of the most iconic homes in the UK, and you can take a look inside it as part of the Invitation To View scheme. The scheme allows the public to go behind the closed doors of some of the most iconic homes in the UK. Visitors get a chance to see around houses that rarely open to individual visitors – or they see something special, which is not part of a standard tour. In most cases, the tours are led by the owner or a member of the family. Now incorporating more than 85 properties across East Anglia, the Midlands, North West and South West, this year the scheme that already includes Grade I listed halls and exotic gardens, now includes a thee-bedroomed semi-detached ex-council house in Essex, known as Talliston House.

Far from an ordinary house, it has been lovingly and painstakingly transformed into thirteen stunning locations, set across more than six-thousand years of history, from 4000 BC to 2228 AD. Each room or garden is infused with a rich story, incorporating more than 1,800 antiques and objects sourced from across the globe. Finished in October 2015 after a 25-year journey, the project explores the concept of the extraordinary within the ordinary – and showing how we all have inside us the power to be whatever we want or can imagine. It has been accomplished by one man and his growing team of artists, craftspeople and volunteers – all inspired by the project’s unique vision, seeing inside it is like stepping inside a living art gallery and is an experience that's very special.

See inside Talliston House and Gardens for yourself and get inspiration for your wedding day or even home decor. Invitation To View days take place on the last Sunday of every month from May to September. (12pm-14.30pm). Tickets cost £15 and include a full tour, tea and cake. 

To book: go to or call 01284 827 087. 

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