O Is For Opulence… O Is For Oorvi Desai

Award-winning Indian designer opens luxury occasion-wear store in West London

O Is For Opulence… O Is For Oorvi Desai

Award-winning Indian designer opens luxury occasion-wear store in West London

Oorvi Desai is a name synonymous with quality and style. For the past 17 years, The esteemed brand has been creating show-stopping outfits for both brides and wedding guests.

Using unconventional fabrics, texturing and detailing, Oorvi fuses different styles together to create unrivalled pieces.

‘I have loved fashion since the age of 13,’ Oorvi explains. ‘I knew fashion design was what I wanted to study and I was delighted to graduate from the famed Nirmala Niketan College of Home-Science in Mumbai, India with an Honours Degree in Textiles & Clothing.’

In 1998, Oorvi’s dedication and skill was rewarded with the Best Textile Designer Award Mumbai, which was sponsored by Bombay Dyeing & Mfg Company Limited. ‘I was then awarded a sponsorship towards further studies in Textiles & Fashion at the California University. In 2003, I launched my first fashion house in Mumbai.’

With her bold fashion creations, Oorvi carved out her niche as an Indian luxury designer. In 2002, she showcased her high-end collections in London, Leicester and Birmingham which would end up being a stepping stone to the UK. At the beginning of this year, Oorvi opened her fashion house in London.

‘Whether you’re searching for bespoke bridal leghas, sarees, anarkalis or western outfits, we have it all. My design concept focusses on accomplishing the complete look for today’s women and men. I specialise in designing a coordinating outfit, jewellery handbag and shoes. Nothing needs to be compromised – that’s my belief. We will give you our very best attention and make you look glam!’



In our boutique, we meet the client so they can view our collection and see all the sample fabrics and embroideries available. At this stage, customers will get a chance to try on different outfits to assess the styles that suit them the most. Customers can also experience Oorvi Desai shading, texture and weaving tests, where they can blend and match to make their fantasy outfits.


Customers meet with Oorvi Desai again where they are able to bring any thoughts, including magazine cuttings, colour schemes and style ideas. We will propose various alternatives on textures and weaving to blend and match to make the intended outfits. Oorvi will at that point sketch the thoughts and style on paper.


When the customer is satisfied with a certain concept, we start working on the initial stage of embroideries and trial fittings, just to make sure everything is perfect.Two samples can be sent to the client so they can decide on which one suits them the best.


During this phase, we can send images of the piece as it is in progress. When all the hand embroidery is done, the outfit goes into stitching. We will then send an image of the stitched piece to the client.


When the outfit is ready, customers return for a fitting. On the off chance that there are any minor adjustments, these are done within a couple of days.

140 Field End Road, Eastcote HA5 1RJ United Kingdom
M: +44 7300011160
E: info@oorvidesai.co.uk