Seema Sarfaraz

Age: 46

Occupation: Bridalwear designer

Two hobbies: Eating and watching British crime dramas

What’s the inspiration behind your photo?
The inspiration behind my photo is to relax as that’s something I don’t get to do on a daily basis. We work 7 days a week, all day, every day and with the volume of brides we have, it’s like a 24/7 job so it is nice to go online and relax and watch something or browse.

Name something you’re doing during the lockdown that you wouldn’t usually do?
Something that I am doing during the lockdown is cooking more as I don’t usually cook at home, much less come home to a cooked meal, so it’s something different to be able to get to be planning and cooking.

Random Questions Round:

Name one thing you’ve hidden from your parents?
One thing that I have hidden from my parents…I grew up in the late ’80s / ’90s as a teenager so I went to daytime raves. My parents never found out that I’d been clubbing in the day, and they probably still don’t know!

If you were famous, what would your talent be?
If I were famous, my talent would be as an actress. I’d love to be one of those evil mothers-in-law in an Indian soap. My kids say I do a lot of drama!

Name a dealbreaker in a relationship?
A dealbreaker within a relationship for me would be a bad body odour. I’m obsessed with perfumes, I would drown everyone around me in perfume all the time. Anything With oud is pure bliss.