Forever Young

We’ve found the perfect elixir of youth…

Posted: 15.09.15

Although we all feel like Peter Pan and never actually want to grow up and want to run away to Never Never land, the stark reality is that despite staying at young at heart, youth has a timeline and age will start to show its unwanted signs, especially with our ever-increasing hectic lifestyles. Apart from a healthy, balanced diet and sound sleeping habits, there are always some cheats to help us along our way. One such genius product we got our hands on is Sothy’s Recover RX gel (£50), which is ideal for women who avoid invasive and drastic procedures, or for those who have undergone such procedures but due to sensitive skin, those measures may have had a counteractive effect. Recover RX is specially formulated to stimulate the regeneration of weakened and sensitive skin, hindering wrinkles and aging. Featuring all kinds of time defying ingredients like Glyco-Repair, this antidote will not only keep your skin moisturised and supple, but will also maintain your skin’s youthfulness for much longer.

Buy Recover RX by Sothy’s here

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