Estée Lauder And Designer Sabyasachi Launch Luxury Lipstick Line

India’s most influential designer joins forces with Estée Lauder to reveal an exquisite collection of lipsticks inspired by the colours of India

Anjana Gosai

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Indian fashion designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, is renowned for his bridalwear, accessories and jewellery rooted in impeccable craftsmanship, vibrant colours, and timeless elegance. The designer takes pride in celebrating Indian heritage and culture, bringing it to a global audience via his luxury label and he intends to do the same with his first foray into beauty.

Like Estée Lauder, Sabyasachi has built his brand based on a strong emotional connection with women, which is brought to life through this exquisite collaboration.

It took four years to develop the limited-edition collection, which includes ten satin-matte and ultra-matte lipsticks in a diverse range of colours, all with a delicate cinnamon scent. From the classic Calcutta Red, which is sure to be a wedding day classic, to Udaipur Coral to the deep Bombay Berry – the shades represent the colours of India and have been inspired by individual threads from his designs. “I wanted to create a range of classics, that are anti-trend and seasonless. Products that are not time-bound that you can keep using,” says Sabyasachi.

A lot of thought and care has gone into the formula, in particular the undertones that have been curated to work on a broad range of brown skin tones. “You will find a shade that suits every skin undertone because the whole line has been created that way,” shares Sabyasachi.

The packaging also deserves a mention. The lipsticks are filled into luxurious cases adorned with a 24-karat gold plated Bengal tiger – the designer’s emblem.

The lipstick sold out last week, but we’re pleased to inform you that they are now back in stock. If you’re unsure of which hue to pick, Sabyasachi says: “If there’s one definitive colour that defines this lipstick collection it’s the colour red. I would choose Rouge Bengal because it’s strong, it’s dynamic it has a strong sense of pop, yet it’s very old world.”

 The Estée Lauder x Sabyasachi collection is available for a limited time at and Selfridges counters.