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The moment you hear the champagne glasses clink as your guests raise their glasses to toast you on your wedding day is a sound you’ll cherish. It signifies joy and celebration. Drinks amplify these positive wedding memories so don’t leave them to chance, call in the help of an expert.

With over a decade of expertise in the alcohol business, VIP Bars and Cocktails are a mobile bar company and industry leader in the world of weddings. The team is headed up by Kym Uppal, her husband Harvey and business partner Bhupinder Gill who started VIP Bottles, a top 25 online alcohol retail business that continues to thrive today. Kym left her teaching career after becoming a mother and joined the duo to launch VIP Bars and Cocktails.

Together they’ve combined their passion for hospitality and event management to create a drinks company that partners with some of the biggest names in the refreshment world. Their bars are stocked with premium brands like Absolut, Laurent-Perrier and Bollywood A’list favourite Grey Goose. Guests can enjoy them as part of their wedding drinks packages.

Kym explains: “Our Asian clients are the most generous. Guests appreciate fully loaded bars and couples never disappoint. We are aware, everyone likes to do things differently which is why we’ve responded to their needs by creating curated premium packages.”

Kym alongside Harvey and Bhupinder

The Perfect Package

Each all-inclusive package features cocktails, mocktails, premium spirits, shooters, fine wines, beers and a variety of soft drinks. Choose from Silver, Gold and Platinum. Whichever package you pick, the drinks will be served with the same attention to detail and five-star service.

Bespoke Bars

There’s no one type of wedding bar, but there are options to suit individual tastes. Kym enthuses: “Our designer bars include 360 bars which can be accessed from all angles, like an island in a room, creating a focal point and buzz, or classic straight bars, curved, long, square or round. Often this depends on the venue, but the decision is also inspired by the theme and overall style of your event.”

VIP can also create branded bar experiences thanks to their impressive partnerships. Popular choices include their Bottega Bar for all your sparkling wine needs or their impressive Laurent-Perrier Truck which adds a luxury touch to an alfresco celebration. 

Whichever bar you choose, you can be sure it will enhance the aesthetics of your wedding. As they can be branded and themed to complement your wedding day and venue, they’ll also provide hours of satisfaction to your lucky guests.

How to host the ultimate party

Kym Uppal Head of VIP Bars and Cocktails explains how to make your drinks the star of the show at your celebrations

Every couple is seeking something different. What’s a new and exciting way to surprise and treat their guests? Having a bespoke bar is just the start. It’s not just the drinks you serve that makes the perfect party, but how you serve them.

Here are four ways we use drinks to elevate your wedding

Provide an immersive experience
Movies like Cocktail have immortalised the image of superstar mixologists wowing the guests with their bartending skills; but it’s not just Tom Cruise that has the charm. Our professional mixologists are part of the entertainment. Smartly dressed, their personality will enhance the atmosphere of your event. Guests can watch them serve up drinks in style; don’t be surprised if you see them reaching for their phones eager to capture the action.

Create themed drinks
Whatever the season and theme of your event, VIP Bars and Cocktails can create a menu to capture the flavours of the festivities. And we don’t just create bespoke drinks, both alcoholic and soft drinks, we also name them and provide menus so that all guests are aware of the options to find the perfect drink for their palette. One of my favourites was the magical menu we created for a very special Alice in Wonderland themed event. It featured four special cocktail recipes like a Drink Me Potion called The Alice which blended vodka, Blue Curacao, lemon and pineapple. The mocktails included a Wonderland Passion Elixir made from passionfruit, elderflower, lime and soda.

Picture-perfect presentation
From the shape of the glass to the garnish, every single element needs to work together to create the ultimate cocktail or mocktail. This is where VIP Bars and Cocktails really shine, surprising guests with expected ways to enjoy their drinks. They include champagne flute trees, edible bubbles and other sensory delights.

Personalised service
There are many innovative ways that a humble drink can be elevated. One of our favourites that’s popular with couples and guests is making the drinks personalised. It could mean using bespoke drinks toppers in a monogram of the couple’s initials, their wedding logo, or inviting guests to personalise their own drinks. 2024 is going to be a popular year for tequila with it fast becoming the most requested ingredient for cocktails or drunk straight on the rocks. It will be on our menus creating a drinks experience that your guests will love and appreciate – cheers to that!

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