Become A Fermented Foodie

Keep on top of the health game by adding more ‘friendly’ bacteria to your diet.

Equinox Kombucha is a fermented tea that is full of naturally occurring organic acids, along with B vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes. It tastes pretty good too! Equinox Kombucha, £1.80, available from Waitrose

Progurt is the worldís most advanced probiotic supplement. This super-strength gut formulation contains 1 trillion beneficial bacteria (thatís 30-40 times more than the average supplement). Progurt Probiotic Sachets, from £29.75,

Add a touch more goodness to your salads and sauces with this fermented nut blend. The mix of cashews and almonds are a unique and innovative addition that will add a whole new flavour to your meals. Cicioni, £8.49 available from Waitrose