Tried, Tested And Obsessed: Ushvani Spa

You’ll feel immersed in serenity the moment you step inside this luxurious Malaysian day spa where the focus is on slowing down and being pampered. Ahead of your chosen treatment you’re invited to take a dip in the warm and soothing spa plunge pool and steam rooms before you surrender to the calming touch of your therapist. If you’re visiting with a friend or partner, book the Asmara ‘love’ Suite for the ultimate relaxing retreat. All massages last a minimum of 90 minutes giving you optimal relaxation. Signature treatments include the heavenly Malay massage where you’ll receive top-to-toe attention. A scalp massage and reflexology with a velvety soft ointment are highlights, alongside a full body massage leaving you feeling like you’re in a cocoon of bliss. Afterwards chill out in Ushvani’s candlelit tea lounge with a comforting cup of hibiscus tea.