And then, we were three…

As Anushka Sharma reveals she’s expecting, we look at the best pregnancy announcements on social media

Bollywood fans woke up to happy news with this morning that Anushka Sharma and her husband Indian cricketer Virat Kohli are expecting their first child. She posted a joyful photo on her social media of them with the caption “And then, we were three! Arriving Jan 2021.”

The natural shot taken at their home is how the average couple announce their big news: simple and romantic. But social media has also meant that some parents-to-be prefer grand gestures. Instagram in particular has allowed all couples, not just celebrities, to flex their creativity when it comes to telling the world they have a bun in the oven.

It got us thinking, what has been our favourite announcements over the years?

Here’s our top 10:

1: Beyoncé
When Queen B shared that The Carters were ‘blessed two times over’ we couldn’t stop drooling over her Garden of Eden photoshoot where she was shrouded by a veil against the backdrop of a rose bush. Floral backdrops shot up in popularity all over The Gram once again.

2: The Will Smith Fan
Earlier this month Emily was in a coffee shop when she spotted Will Smith. She approached him and asked if he’d help her break the news that she’s pregnant. He happily obliged by holding up a sign written on a notebook with the words ‘Emily’s Pregnant’. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

3: Shahid Kapoor
To announce his and Mira Rajput’s second child, Shahid shared this cutesy picture of his daughter lying on the floor with a very important message!

4: Amy Jackson
Former Asiana Wedding Magazine cover girl, actress, and model Amy Jackson announced her big news on Mother’s Day 2019 with a striking sunset silhouette shot describing how she was feeling the ‘purest most honest love.’

5: Nicki Minaj
Last month the singer shared a cool and quirky shot of her wearing a bright yellow wig, a bejewelled bra, and killer heels to share her news, but this was followed by an artistic concept shot by photographer David La Chapelle that pretty much broke the internet.

6: John Legend
Taking inspo from Katy Perry who did something similar by announcing her pregnancy in a music video, John shared his recent news by featuring Chrissy Teigan cradling the bump of their third child on a beach in Mexico, as part of his new music video for Wild. The video also features their two other children Luna and Miles.

7: Kylie Jenner
The world’s youngest billionaire revealed her mum-to-be news by making a special video which she entitled To Our Daughter.

8: Chance The Rapper
The dad’s perspective is a little less visual in the case of Chance The Rapper’s Instagram. No bump shots here, just a simple message created in Notes.

9: Kevin Jonas
Compared to Chance the Rapper, Jonas Brother Kevin went all out maximalist with his announcement, sharing a hilarious photo of what’s in store for him and the missus over the coming months.

10: Sania Malik
Finally, something a little different. Two of India’s leading sports stars came up with a winning idea. Tennis champion Sania Mirza and Cricketer Shoaib Malik shared an illustration of their future wardrobe. It showed a baby-grow with a double-barreled surname Mirza-Malik. Now that’s what we call love.