Seasonal Trend: Autumn 2022

Warm orange glows and soothing rustic browns capture the spirit of Autumn. Autumnal weddings are an opportunity to celebrate nature at its most magical and it’s easy to bring these elements into your wedding day says Colour Expert Momtaz Begum-Hossain. She says: “Autumn shades are versatile and luxurious and add depth to your décor. At one end of the Autumn spectrum, you have dark chocolates and rich mochas which work well in furniture like traditionally carved mandaps, while at the other you have deep purples. Pops of red and yellows bring a refreshing vibrancy and when you team them with the purples, browns and orange everything feels welcoming and cosy; exactly how guests like to feel when they attend a wedding in the cooler months.”

Autumnal wreaths look stylish and are a nod to the winter season around the corner. Look out for anything themed such year such pine cones and woodland animals. It’s important to consider light sources too; candles and lanterns create a comforting Autumn glow both indoors and out.

Trend Alert: DIY Wedding (main shot)
Bring rustic, natural charm to your wedding stationery with a rubber stamp. Choose a motif that captures the spirit of your theme and use it on everything from place settings to signage.



Wondering how to capture this season’s palette? Here’s the top pick from Colour Expert Momtaz Begum-Hossain

Amazonia Tea Set,

LED Pinecone Candle,

Floral Scrapbook,

Chai Spice Candle-Making Kit,

Midnight Blue Wreath,