Trend Alert: 360-Photobooths

Photobooths have long been a wedding staple. They’re a great way to capture your guests in action enjoying the day. But with video fast taking over the popularity of images at events and in social media, 360-degree photo/video experiences create a whole new way to remember the day. Gary Gill CEO of 360 Boothology explains: “We’ve all enjoyed going inside photobooths but how often do you look at the printout that you take home, that’s if you don’t lose it on the way. At 360 Boothology, we create 360-degree videos that can be easily uploaded to your social media, as an Instagram reel or straight to your TikTok. They bring your memories to life and are something guests can share and enjoy, while the couple receives a copy of everyone’s fun poses.”

Like classic photobooths, the team will bring everything that’s required including a host of props to match your theme. Bookings for weddings typically last for four hours giving every guest a chance to have a go and all you need is some space for them to do a full 360 turn which gets recorded and saved. Videos can last up to 30 seconds and they’re a great way to bring groups together which always creates the most fun content. Gary adds: “360 videos are a creative way to engage guests. It’s a new concept that many of them wouldn’t have tried before making it a fun surprise. Backdrops can be personalised too so we can brand all videos to your wedding colour theme and branding.”