Shades Of The Pastel Purple Bride

This wedding season, Brides are opting for a toned-down look in natural purple shades. Discover yours among these pastel lehenga shades!

The Bridal fashion scene is always evolving. From new designers creating waves of trends to traditional attire being brought back to the limelight, the modern bride has a plethora of options to choose from.

But the pastel purple bride will always be a timeless classic. Adorned on a strong, independent woman, hues of purple pastel signify everlasting beauty through simplicity and minimalism.

Real Brides have perfected the pastel trend, here are our favourite looks!

Lilac pastel purple with soft ivory jewellery creates an enchanting bride.
Image Courtesy: Mydah Raza

Matching pastel purples with traditional toned-down colours like green, pink and purple honours a striking, playful look!
Image Courtesy: Sunny Dhiman Photography

Floral pastel patterns accessorized with deep red embroidery transforms the bridal lehenga into a unique outfit!
Image courtesy: Israni Photography

A heavy lehenga with silver embroidery transforms the bridal outfit to an ethereal look!
Image courtesy: Rambul Mur

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