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Monica Jewels explains the sparkling sentiments behind wedding jewellery

Choosing your bridal jewellery is a rite of passage for every bride. Though you may be gifted family heirlooms, with so many events to prepare for, there’s always room for more. Having the freedom to work with a professional jewellery designer to create bespoke jewels that capture your personal style is a pleasure that every bride should enjoy.

This is one of the reasons Monica Jaswal launched Monica Jewels. The talented designer has fused her heritage with contemporary jewellery for brides and occasion guests. She enthuses: “I love everything glam and gems excite me. I’m grateful to have created a platform to showcase my talent and vision while making a mark in the Indian fashion industry.”

Understanding opulence

Monica answers your questions about wedding jewellery

Why is jewellery such an important part of being an Asian woman?
Jewellery often carries deep cultural meanings. Traditional pieces are passed down through generations, representing family heritage and cultural identity. We also enjoy wearing jewellery as a fashion item; it gives us confidence and makes us feel beautiful.

What are the key pieces every bride should have in her jewellery trousseau?
I recommend having a bridal set with a necklace, earrings and tikka. You can then add to that depending on the look. I can create matching pieces if you’re going for a traditional look such as a haar, naath, haathphool, jhumar, headband, ring, and any additional necklaces for layering.

What are the main inspirations behind your designs?
My brand is inspired by the grandeur aesthetics of Indian fashion and I love drawing inspiration from iconic designers like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra. Their luxurious designs and attention to detail inspire me to create jewellery pieces that radiate elegance and sophistication, reminiscent of the stunning jewellery trends you often see in Bollywood movies. All pieces are delicately handcrafted in our studios in India, mainly in Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai.

What type of materials do you work with?
Some of my designs are gold-plated, and others are made with real natural stones such as rose quartz and onyx crystals. I also design with Kundan, pachi kundan, polki and meenakari. One of my favourite materials is natural crystals that have healing properties, infusing elements of spirituality, healing, and mindfulness into my creations.

What makes a good heirloom piece that can be passed down?
They should be classic and elegant, so that they remain relevant and are cherished by future generations. Heirloom pieces also tend to carry a strong emotional connection, perhaps it was worn by an elder family member or has other sentimental significance. A good heirloom piece is versatile and adaptable to different styles and occasions, just like our pieces here at Monica Jewels.

What are the main considerations to think about when choosing jewellery?
You may instantly like a design but before committing to it, there are some important considerations. Firstly, what is the overall theme of the wedding or event and your outfit? Your jewellery should complement it. For example, if the wedding has a traditional or vintage theme, classic and elegant jewellery pieces may be more suitable.

Or for a contemporary wedding, sleek and minimalist jewellery designs could be more appropriate. Secondly, consider your neckline and hairstyle. If your dress has a high neck or intricate detailing, opting for statement earrings or a headpiece such as a tikka may be preferable over a necklace. Make sure to strike a balance between making a statement and feeling at ease throughout the celebration as practicality is also important to make you feel comfortable.

Jewellery designer Monica Jaswal shares the jewellery trends for 2024/2025 every fashionista needs to know about

For brides:

Vintage and heritage revival: Brides will be gravitating towards designs that evoke nostalgia and celebrate cultural heritage. Look out for antique motifs, traditional craftsmanship techniques, and heirloom-inspired pieces that add a sense of timeless elegance to the bridal ensemble. Bold statement pieces: Think oversized necklaces, elaborate chokers, and dramatic earrings. These bold accessories can make a striking statement and add glamour.

Mixing traditional with contemporary: Try blending traditional Indian jewellery styles with contemporary elements to create a modern and eclectic bridal look. This trend could involve pairing traditional gold or Kundan jewellery with minimalist or geometric designs for a fusion aesthetic.

For guests (partywear styles):

Sustainable and ethical jewellery: The trend towards sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry is likely to continue influencing Indian jewellery. Seek out eco-friendly options, such as ethically sourced gemstones and fair-trade practices, which is something we proudly embrace.

Versatility: Styling jewellery in multiple ways is very on trend. Versatile designs that offer flexibility and customisation, allowing wearers to adapt their jewellery to different occasions. I love that all of our pieces can be stylishly worn with your everyday outfits and mixed and matched for formal events too.

Colourful gemstones: vibrant and colourful gemstone jewellery is expected to remain popular and adding that pop of colour will elevate your looks instantly. Look for emerald hues, pastels and a range of crystals for regal and majestic vibes.

About Monica

Born from her passion for fashion, jewellery designer Monica Jaswal launched her contemporary Punjabi fusion jewellery brand Monica Jewels during lockdown. Originally answering bride’s jewellery desires through her online shop, in 2021 she began in-person consultations. She now appears at events and exhibitions like the Asiana Bridal Show, bringing her unique collection directly to brides and their family.

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