DIY Wedding: Easy Ways To Add Personal Touches

Design your day with handmade crafts using a LOKLiK Crafter

Wedding planning isn’t just about making the big decisions like choosing a venue and caterer; it’s also a chance to get hands-on and get creative. A fun and rewarding way to do this is by making wedding crafts.

Enter the LOKLiK Crafter. Whether you’re a DIY crafts enthusiast or a beginner keen to try handmade crafts, this digital cutting machine will elevate the creative touches at your wedding, allowing you to add bespoke elements.

Portable and made for hobbyists, but with professional results, it allows you to make everything from intricately cut wedding invitations to hanging decorations like paper flowers. Best of all, it’s simple to use and cost-effective.

The LOKLiK Crafter comes with a software package called LOKLiK IdeaStudio, which you can download to your phone, computer or laptop. Within the studio there are pre-made templates you can use, or you can create a design in another application and import it. Connect the machine by Blu-Tooth or USB, insert your preferred materials, such as coloured card and then watch as the Crafter gets to work and does the cutting out for you, in seconds.

For card and papercrafts make personalised invitations; no one will tell they’re homemade. Another practical way to use a LOKLiK Crafter is to make wedding decorations. Cut out shapes like butterflies, hearts, flowers, or even monograms of your initials to turn into bunting.

The fun doesn’t stop with paper either. You can cut words and motifs from permanent adhesive vinyl and stick these to glasses, make gifts, decorate your guestbooks and even make photo booth props.

With its precision cutting capabilities and versatile design software, the LOKLiK Crafter opens up a world of possibilities for adding bespoke elements to your wedding day; and doesn’t won’t stop there. This is a piece of craft tech you’ll come back to again and again.

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