Precious Treasures

Travelling with your jewellery just got a whole lot easier thanks to the ZevarBox. Founder Amber Zafar explains why every bride and guest will benefit from her innovative new storage solution

We’ve all been there. Packed our favourite jewellery set and travelled across the country to attend a wedding filled with excitement, only to arrive and find with dismay, that some of the sparkling gems had fallen off our earrings, or a necklace chain has got entangled. The reason? We didn’t pack our jewellery properly.

It’s not easy storing and travelling with jewellery especially when they’re as ornate as the lavish designs of Asian jewellery. But with so many functions each year to attend, transporting jewellery is both a necessity and a headache. Thankfully, it’s a problem that’s now been solved due to the ingenious designs of Amber Zafar, found of the ZevarBox.

But what sparked her invention? Amber knows all too well what it’s like to travel with the family’s jewellery. She admits: “I’m one of six, with about 30 odd nephews and nieces so there’s a lot of weddings and functions and a lot of stuff to carry and travel with. It’s easy to find travel storage for clothing and make-up but nothing existed for the needs of bigger Indian and ethnic jewellery. That’s what inspired me to design the ZevarBox.”

Designed for your heirlooms

Amber created a prototype with all the elements she needed to safely protect her and her two daughter’s jewellery sets. Then she travelled to a wedding and tested it out and it was an instant success. She enthuses: “Having a specially made travel jewellery box meant that I didn’t have to put our precious pieces into cloth bags, bulky velvet boxes, or wrap them in tissues anymore. This also made it so much easier when taking off the jewellery as it was all kept in one convenient place. That wedding was the first time I didn’t break or lose anything!” Everyone who saw the box fell in love with it and the orders came flooding in; the ZevarBox was officially born. Amber says: “Anyone who has Asian jewellery needs one. There’s nothing else available on the market that will safely and stylishly transport your precious gems – trust me I’ve looked!”

5 reasons why you need a ZevarBox

Welcome to the jewellery revolution, the ZevarBox will change how you store and carry your jewellery forever…
There’s no doubt that the industry has been crying out for a product that truly values and treasures our heirlooms as much as we do,
but how does it work, what makes it different to other storage options and why do you need one?
We asked Amber to explain more about her innovative new storage solution and how it can benefit you…

1. Designed by an Asian for Asian jewellery
I designed the ZevarBox because I needed one, as did my family and friends and it just didn’t exist. It’s essentially a large jewellery case that’s designed to carry larger pieces of jewellery. Inside there’s a detachable ring holder, a detachable earring holder and dust pockets for protecting smaller items.  It also has a bangle rod cushion with its own compartment that’s ideal for storing bangles. There’s a larger section which houses pouches in three different sizes too.

You have a round pouch for more bangles, bracelets, watches, or even a big wedding nose ring. There’s also a section which can hold bigger necklaces/choker sets including the earrings and the tikkas. Plus, a 4-zip sectioned pouch to tuck away chains, clips, pins and anything smaller. Then there’s also a handy mirror at the top of the box to help take your jewellery on and off. 

2. Safety comes first
I used to store my jewellery in bulky boxes and place them in individual fabric pouches and it wasn’t safe. I found pieces got tangled or snapped. I noticed that other people were buying plastic boxes online with individual small boxes but I tried one and my jewellery just kept rattling around which again, wasn’t safe. The ZevarBox take all of this into consideration. It’s a sturdy box with a thick lining and it snuggly holds your jewellery so there’s no movement or rattling. But most important of all. I’ve designed it bespoke for Asian jewellery. Other travel jewellery solutions are fine for dainty pieces but not our chunkier pieces.

3. Multiple uses
For any type of formal function where you need to travel with your jewellery, you’ll find that life is much easier with a ZevarBox. From wedding afterparties to extended family dinners and all the other occasions that require dressing up; think of it like a travel make-up box but for your jewels, not your beauty products.

4. Useful to all jewellery owners
You won’t realise how much you need it until you start using a ZevarBox.  As a mother with two teenage girls, the box has been amazing for me and has safely stored and transported all our jewellery. When I was designing the box I gave the first box to my mum, and the second to my girls and realised that it was an intergenerational invention. Everyone can benefit from it, not just Asian brides, but anyone who owns Asian jewellery and needs a box to keep it in

5. Support a small business
Not only will you find a solution to your problems, when you buy a ZevarBox you’re all supporting a female-owned, woman-led business. There are a lot of expenses involved in weddings, often given to large organisations, supporting smaller businesses gives the industry a chance to thrive with new names and more creativity. Plus, you’ll be experiencing the revolution before the ZevarBox becomes a household name – try it yourself and be the one to recommend it to your friends and family.

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