Best Modest Swimwear And Where To Find It

Empowering women into the water – swimwear can be comfortable, modest, and trendy! Check out our top-rated modest swimwear brands!

‘Modesty’ means something different to everyone – from religious standards to personal preferences, the reason to maintain it can vary wildly.

Luckily for us, modest swimwear is a rising trend with the term searched up to 500% on Pinterest, and big retailers are making room for the fast-growing movement!

But which ones are worth it?

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to find you a selection of the cutest modest swimwear to keep you covered and comfortable this summer!

The launch of the Victory 2.0 collection saw the ‘Victory Suit’ revolutionise modest swimwear – an innovative head-to-toe modest swimsuit designed for seamless water flow. Now the active brand has launched a line of full coverage performance swimwear designed to be seriously stylish, modest, and comfortable in water.

The new Nike Swim Victory Collection aims to give women of all backgrounds, body types, abilities, and aspirations the opportunity to participate in water sports.

No more sacrificing movement for modesty!

Swim in style with Lyra Swimwear! Lyra was created through one woman’s struggle to find swimwear that suited her lifestyle. Instead of being forced to swim in DIY get-ups of oversized men’s t-shirts and leggings from yesterday, the founder of Lyra decided to take the plunge and create her own range of swimwear – her way.

The Lyra brand combines premium quality with modesty, from looks inspired by the elegance of Hollywood, Morocco beach cool and minimalistic designs.

Each swimming suit is made from lightweight, fast dry, premium quality Italian Carvico fabric with high UV protection – ensuring comfort, protection, and modesty!

Challenging the traditional swimsuit to bring full coverage and an added layer of confidence, Lanuuk brings style and comfort to the waters.

Transcending body types, the swimsuits are especially designed to protect from the sun’s UV rays with UP50+ sun protection technology whilst being equipped full body elasticity for comfort.

From loose fitting one-piece swim dresses to mid-length swim tops with ruched detailing to complement curves – Lanuuk has all body types covered and feeling confident!

Multi – Unlined – Full Coverage Swimsuit Burkini (

Modanisa fashion offers a range of modest swimwear to choose from. Including full-coverage burkinis in their collection, most swimsuits come with water-protected Hijabs. The brand is perfect for finding a range of flattering colours and designs at affordable prices.

With whatever you choose to wear in the water, you can empower others to feel confident and free in themselves too!

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