Friends: Moments Every Brown Person Can Relate To

We highlight some of the most popular scenes you have witnessed on the popular sitcom “Friends” where every desi person can relate to it

We’ve all grown up watching and loving the comedy sitcom ‘Friends’ and then attempted to binge it when it was released on Netflix.

But there’s always been those moments that make you turn around and think, ‘as a desi person, I can relate to that.’ Here are our top Friends moments that every brown person can relate to.

1. Even though we probably weren’t allowed out, we can relate to our siblings ‘sharing’ our food, clothes, toys – anything that didn’t belong to them. Angrily catching them in our personal space, and them not caring at all, yes Friends, we can relate.

2. There’s always that one embarrassing story or picture that is shared at every Desi event. Your Uncle shows you their cheesy smile and pat you on the head as they recount the story, whilst you stand their awkwardly – but you are not embarrassed, because we’re all maxed out.

3. One of the fundamentals a Desi parents would teach you, is to find any love scene appalling and turn around as quickly as a brown person can. As soon as Shah Rukh started leaning towards Kajol’s neck, we were seriously grossed out.

4. Every Desi parent. Ever.

5. Going to weddings and other family functions but you don’t not know anyone or who to hang out with.

6. Did your desi parents make you pick up every crumb on your plate? Nope? Just me?

7. Every brown person aged 13 to 45.

8. Fighting with your siblings and they threaten to reveal that time you told your parents you were going to the library, but you were actually going to the cinema. With your friends.

9. The first time someone told you, they had a crush on you and you didn’t understand what that was.

As much as we love friends and are excited for the reunion, we’ll never condone a desi version.