The Science of Matchmaking

Can psychology help you find the right life partner? The team behind Ameli, a new dating app believe it’s the key to a happy union

The search to find marital bliss has to start somewhere. But let’s be honest. Dating IRL is a daunting experience, and for many time-poor professionals, it’s not a viable option. Having the opportunity to socialise, especially in 2020 has its own set of barriers, social-distancing being one of them. And if you’ve binge-watched your way through Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking, considering an arranged marriage is probably further off the table than it was before. Which leaves you with one option: apps.

There’s no shortage of matchmaking apps out there, from those aimed at the wider public to apps specially targeted at finding Asian partners or, even connecting you with individuals of the same faith. But compatibility goes much deeper than physical attraction and shared religious beliefs. Traditional apps overlook the science behind relationships and that’s the gap that Ameli, a new matchmaking app aimed at Muslim professionals is filling. It’s the brainchild of Dr. Sohaib Imtiaz MD MPH and Dr. Hannan Imran BDS. Together they’ve created a new kind of ‘dating app’ that’s set to revolutionalise the online dating world.

Asiana.TV caught up with Sohaib to find out more about the science of matchmaking.

“I’ve always been inspired by Silicon Valley. I came in the Top 10 nationally for students studying Computer Science when I was 16. Since then I’ve wanted to use technology to help solve problems and make our lives much easier and I guess that’s where the idea for Ameli came from.”

Sohaib and Hannan, both 28, decided to research relationships from the angle of wellness and mental health which led them to consider the role in behavioural psychology and how this can genuinely affect how you get along with someone else. Sohaib explains: “Marriage is a lifelong commitment. Why would we rush into marriage whilst knowing very little about our partner’s personality and how this could impact our lives on a daily basis? Our team spent months researching the evidence, with our end goal to curate ‘healthy relationships’ that prioritise our community’s mental health as part of the matchmaking process.”

Dr Hannan Imran BDS states ‘I believe existing matchmaking solutions offer very little when it comes to enabling organic conversations between users. They focus more on monetising each aspect of the user experience. I’m redesigning the whole matchmaking model. You’re going to love it (I hope).’

Dr. Sohaib Imtiaz MD MPH
Dr. Hannan Imran BDS

It sounds appealing in theory, but on a practical level, how can an app find out these nuances about a potential suitor? The Ameli team consists of global experts including Dr. Saliha, a psychologist based in Dubai who has helped create a matchmaking personality test. Rather than the usual questions you may have come across, the test focuses on wellness and mental health. There’s also Dermatologist Dr. Shah who you may recognise from TikTok, who will be providing general health and skincare tips for app members, and San Francisco-based Aaliyah, an advisor for tech start-ups. Together they’ve created the ultimate app that actually cares about its users as individuals, not just profiles.

When new members sign up they’re asked to complete the personality test and depending on the results, they’re sent daily matches. As a member of the Ameli community, you’ll also receive a wealth of advice and information that will help you prepare for the aspects of relationships that often get unlooked, such as looking after your own mental state. Sohaib adds: “As a medical doctor and an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur fellow I believe that using data and technology to optimise our relationships and partner selection will help us obtain a happier and more healthy life. There’s no doubt that relationships have an affect on our mental health. The relationship you have with your life partner is the longest and closest relationship you’ll have in your life, so make sure it’s with the right person, for you and you only.”

Muslim matchmaking app Ameli launches Winter 2020. Sign up to their waiting list now for further information, and to find out when it goes live.

Dr. Saliha Afridi
Dr. Aaliya Yaqub
Dr. Muneeb Shah- @doctorly – insta Tiktok