Connecting Soulmates

Looking for The One? Neelu Matchmaking is here to help…

Matrimonial websites, dating apps, speed dating, marriage events – you may have tried them all with no decent potential in sight. We may not have Cupid’s contact details, but we do have the next best thing. Meet Neelu of Neelu Matchmaking who reveals why choosing services of a personal matchmaker to find your life partner could be the right journey for you…

Finding the love of your life can be a daunting task when you start navigating your way around the myriad of dating/marriage platforms. One of the biggest problems of these sites and apps, is that there are people looking to date, but not necessarily settle down. This is why Neelu Matchmaking is such a breath of fresh air for those who are serious about finding ‘the one’.

Matchmaking expert
With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Neelu has always held an inherent passion for understanding people, their behaviour and family dynamics. As a result, she always found she was able to cultivate relationships naturally and could really understand people’s needs. Neelu explains, ‘As a person, I see myself as someone who has a gift of connecting people – I would describe it as an intuition.’ She found herself finding successful matches for the people around her for over ten years as a hobby. She describes more about her inspiration to begin professionally, ‘I found that I naturally fell into the role of matchmaking informally for family and friends as a hobby, as I enjoyed it so much and felt it was very rewarding to see that I had brought two people together successfully. This then expanded to wider society and I realised there really was a demand for my services for busy professionals looking for their life partner. So just over a year ago is when I established Neelu Matchmaking officially with the ethos of ‘Bringing beautiful souls together.’

Let them take care of the hard work
Neelu explains what sets matchmaking apart from other apps and websites, ‘There’s nothing I love more than bringing two like-minded individuals together. We have an amazing network and work very closely with clients using a personalised approach. Trust and honesty is at the heart of what we do. Apps and websites lack transparency and truth, as you could be speaking to someone for months before meeting, only to realise they don’t even look like their photographs, or they may have lied about their job. To protect our clients, everyone is thoroughly vetted, as identity checks are done, along with reasonable background and DBS checks. You could be aimlessly browsing for months or years, wasting time with all kinds of people, however Neelu Matchmaking saves you time, as well as finding compatible matches especially suited to you, based on your criteria.’

There for you throughout the journey
Neelu or one of her highly skilled matchmakers will ensure that they support you throughout your journey seeking love. They share your vision and embark on this journey with you to find your life partner. They become the trusted friend who will support you. Everything is dealt with discreetly and in the utmost confidentiality. No details are shared until both parties are happy to proceed further.

Neelu truly understands that society is changing and so do the needs of people and relationships. She enthuses, ‘I love that over time, women have become more successful and career orientated. Hearing so many stories from the accomplished women makes me proud. As a result, I am also speaking to more women who are aware that their biological clock is ticking and they need to do something about it. Some women are opting to consider freezing their eggs so age does not limit them from having a family. So making other people in the equation understand that times have evolved and progressed is also an important part of my role.’

Don’t give up
We asked Neelu what is one piece of advice you’d give someone who is on the verge of giving up on finding their life partner. She replied, ‘I understand people have a list of desirable qualities they are looking for. However sometimes, I will find the perfect match, but they will reject just because there is one box out of ten that has not been ticked. It’s definitely worth giving that person a chance – who knows, you may be missing out on the person of your dreams, whilst you’re on a mission to find that person with ten boxes ticked, who may not even exist! My point is, to try to be reasonably flexible, as sometimes your ideal criteria may be unrealistic ones.’

Sincere qualities that emanate from Neelu are her genuine care for her clients, enthusiasm and her passion. This seems to be a winning combination to entrust someone with the all important quest to find your soulmate and there is no doubt, that Neelu will put all her heart and soul into it, as well as be there for you every step of the way.

First dates dos and don’ts

• Do not discuss finances in the first meeting
• Try not to ask if they are fertile
• Guys, chivalry makes a great first impression! Pull the chair out for the lady
• Compliments go a long way and also provide transparency of what kind of first impression you have of each other
• Don’t ask about previous relationships immediately
• Be yourself
• Be honest and truthful from day one

How does the matchmaking process work?

• Get in touch with them via a phone call or email.
• Provide your details along with a brief of who you are looking.
• An informal and friendly meeting is arranged with clients at their offices or via Zoom.
• Amazing profile will be created for you based on information provided (including family, background, intellect, aspirations, personality, life partner criteria).
• Profiles are intelligently matched that share similar interest, ambitions, aspirations and family backgrounds before they are presented to clients.
• Upon agreement of both parties, details can be exchanged to get in touch/meet and proceed further.
• After initial meeting, a follow-up is done with both clients to get feedback, in case matchmaker can assist in any way to move things further or not.

Get in touch with Neelu:
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0207 788 7432