Destined To Live Your Dreams

A wedding abroad is easier than you might think, as Jayshree Bhojwani, Senior Event Coordinator at Chakra Events explains

Imagine, it’s your special day, and you’re surrounded by people that you’re actually close to, the select few that you’ve always pictured by your side. The sun is just coming up overhead and you’re comfortable and at peace. There’s a serene lake in the background and your partner is by your side. It might sound like a dream or a Bollywood wedding that you’ve read about, but here at Chakra Events, we can make this very dream come true.  There is a common misconception that destination weddings are highly expensive and you’d have to break the bank to have one. On the contrary, destination weddings can actually cost the same or less when compared to a wedding in your home city/country. From Marrakesh to Milan and Modena to Mykonos, we’ve built a network of local partnerships over the years, allowing us to deliver your dream wedding at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for the best budget option in a tasteful destination or want an all-out luxurious do, we have you covered, because we’re all about ‘you.’

Destination weddings are a perfect blend of the traditional with a modern twist, often providing the intimacy and originality that every groom and especially every bride craves for at their wedding.  Why shouldn’t you? After all, you’ve found your soulmate and are about to embark on this journey of life together, and that definitely deserves to be not just special, but Chakra Special.  To make it Chakra Special, we offer exclusive access to breathtaking venues across Europe and the world. Think regal châteaus in France, with a backdrop of a perfectly trimmed 50 acre garden or a private villa overlooking vineyards for as far as the eye can see. Or how about a pristine white soft sand beach setting with the crystal blue waters of the Ionian sea as the backdrop for one event and the Tyrrhenian sea for the next? Whatever your vibe, we have the venue. Add to this, local or personal touches, such as a Limoncello bar and lemon themed décor for a Sicilian themed lunch, a fairytale themed welcome dinner, making you feel like Alice in Wonderland or a royal reception fit for a king. At Chakra Events, we make your dream wedding come to life. 

Each guest is looked after as part of our Event Management package, from the time they land, to when we bid them farewell at the airport, after all we want them to experience hospitality at its very best. Having been in the industry for 15+ years, we can almost always pre-empt and plan for any situation, so you can rest easy and enjoy the celebrations as much as the next guest, knowing you’re in our capable hands and we’ve got it covered. Our artisan chefs create bespoke menus, perfectly balancing traditional flavours and modern techniques, to treat your taste buds to a spectacular culinary adventure, day after day, with no two experiences being the same.  We focus on the details, from the couple’s favourite childhood snacks included in a welcome hamper to toasting with personalised cocktails at each event, we ensure the
couple is reflected in every element. 

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