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When it comes to your wedding cake think big, says Zulkiflee Mawan, founder of Banker2baker

It might surprise you to discover a luxury wedding cake company called Banker2baker but this is no ordinary brand. An international, award-winning wedding halal cake company that recently expanded into the UK, it was launched by Zulkiflee Mawan, a former banker. After 25 years working in the finance industry, at the age of 50, he decided to change career, re-train and become a professional baker.

Despite having no experience in the food industry, he mastered the art of baking by travelling and learning secrets from the most prestigious baking schools in the world such as Le Cordon Bleu and Le Notre in Paris, and the International Centre of Cake Artistry in Kuala Lumpur.

Banker2baker is known throughout Malaysia as one of the most-respected cake makers in the country, regularly sweetening up birthday celebrations for the King and Queen of Malaysia. As well as royalty, their prestigious client list includes politicians, socialities and celebrities alongside brides and grooms eager to taste a slice of perfection when it comes to their wedding cake.

Beautiful bakes

Banker2baker are a brand who don’t shy away from bold, statement designs which is why it specialise in traditional tiered cakes, as Zulkiflee explains: “cake trends came and go but there’s only one type of cake that will add timeless charm to your wedding day and wedding photos and that’s traditional tiered cakes. But they don’t all need to be classic when it comes to decoration, just the shape and structure, after that, anything is possible.”

For a cake that grabs attention – size matters. Banker2baker are known for its mammoth designs which become a part of the décor. Couples can choose between two layers through to towering five-tier cakes. But don’t worry if you’re only having a small wedding yet want a large cake, as Zulkiflee explains: “big cakes create impact in wedding photos which is why they’re a popular choice. Many couples want the drama without the wastage – thankfully this isn’t a problem. Based on your guest numbers we can bake cakes in the grandest scale to your desire but not all the layers are real – we sandwich real cake tiers with artificial ones so you still get the visual impact that gives your cake the wow factor.”

A piece of cake!

One of the reasons Zulkiflee was keen to launch in the UK was that the market here are wedding cake connoisseurs. He admits: “In Malaysia, we have a dedicated cake industry but wedding cakes though loved, aren’t a necessity. In the UK however, you can’t get married without a cake, so it’s wonderful working with UK clients and couples.”

Bespoke cakes are created for every couple. They’re invited to bring their own ideas to their cake consultation which Zulkiflee can then translate into a personalised wedding cake. Couples are also invited to attend one of Baker2banker’s wedding cake tasting sessions which take place twice a month at their premise in Bexleyheath, London. Book quickly as slots fill up!


We asked Zulkiflee to reveal what’s big in the world of cakes right now

“Over the years fresh flowers have become the most desirable decoration for wedding cakes. In the UK, it’s not practical to get the blooms you want all year round since many flowers don’t grow in this climate. If you’re importing flowers from abroad then your cake creates a larger carbon footprint and at a time when weddings are becoming more sustainable, there are solutions that can help. We recommend using traditional sugar, wafer and rice paper flowers. They’re a great addition to real flowers yet you can’t tell the difference. All three edible flowers can be manipulated to look realistic, but rice paper is the most interesting and are set to be huge this year and beyond.”

The Signature Collection from Banker2baker
The brand have six signature cake flavours:
Chocolate fudge
Red Velvet
Pecan Butterscotch
Salted Caramel
Classic Victoria Sponge

To find out more and book one of their monthly cake tasting events for couples, visit Instagram @Banker2baker.ldn